NCH continues to grow and enable our partners to achieve sustainable goals, reducing overall environmental footprints and conserving resources. Our initiatives for sustainable business practices with partners to ensure investments on greener technology solutions.

NCH is more than just products and solutions. NCH is our people, supporting the community and the environment.
We believe in social responsibility, caring for our environment and ensuring that our employees and supplier network are working towards these same goals

Ploggo Campaign

NCH initiates PLOGGO Campaign: plogging to protect nature and promote

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NCH Cares

NCH Asia Pacific is pleased to announce its participation in

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Press Release | NCH Corporation Donates to Countries

Donation from the Levy Family and NCH Corp. amounting US$60,000

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Press Release | NCH Asia Pacific Regional Leaders

NCH Asia Pacific Regional Leaders Spread NCH CARES Spirits –

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Press Release | NCH Asia participates in CSR

NCH Asia ( announced that, in celebration of 100th anniversary

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NCH works with environmentally responsible products and solutions that help businesses become more sustainable, while maximizing their machinery’s lifespan. NCH has extensive Research & Development in greener products & technology, minimising environmental impacts, reducing waste and maximising energy resources. NCH solutions consider the total life cycle while protecting the environment and public health.

Download CSR & Sustainability Report

Download CSR & Sustainability Report

NCH regularly publishes a Sustainability Report. In every consecutive year this report was enlarged by content and a partly different sustainability focus has been set, in order to highlight the various sustainability aspects of NCH over the years with equal value.

Supporting Sustainability Goals

At NCH Asia Pacific, regarding how we feel about our sustainable solutions and as a company, we are very supportive of our client’s efforts to be more sustainable, and we want to celebrate and embrace this going forward. In an NCH partnership, we will offer guidance and act as the tool your business needs to achieve goals
of sustainability.

Our People

One of our main priorities is the health, safety, and wellness of the people of NCH day in and day out. We invest in beneficial corporate skills such as training and employee engagement. The NCH environment is maintained as a positive, safe, and supportive workplace for our team 
to excel.

NCH welcomes benefits such as the creation and promotion of internal training sessions to help our businesses be more sustainable and aware of our impact in the community. In the same light, we also continue to maintain our promise to lend aid to the community through product, service, and expertise donations.

Our Sustainable Products

NCH continues to produce and work with sustainable materials and products to remain as efficient as possible. 

NCH Asia Pacific works in a partnership with USGBC, a non-profit organization that promotes the design and operation of energy efficient, environmentally responsible buildings. The organization also developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System, while also offering a credible standard for certifying green buildings in the U.S.

Our Eco-Friendly Solutions

At NCH, we want our environmentally friendly products and services to show that we truly aspire for better and greater solutions, with a much softer carbon footprint.

We recognize that our resources are finite, and we hold innovative, celebrated technology that benefits our customer’s sustainability and much more. We also continually produce products that help save energy and maintain their equipment for a longer life span.

Our Sustainable Solutions and Future

Our main focus is to support our client’s efforts to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable. If you’d like to know how NCH Asia Pacific can help your business, get in touch today to speak to our team about our many sustainable solutions.


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