Full Range of Parts Cleaning Solutions

Every workshop needs a revolutionary Torrent!

Clean parts in just 1 minute in our fully enclosed, user friendly machine with the Torrent full range of powerful parts cleaning solutions.

Combined with heat, pressure and fully enclosed systems, the Torrent keeps users safe!

Perfect parts cleaning equipment for harsh industrial residues.

Used with NCH water based products eliminates the usage
of Dangerous, Toxic and Flammable volatile chemicals in the workplace.

Integrated surface treatment, cleaning & degreasing services

Automatically clean large, heavy parts within minutes with the ADS 800 – your automatic degreasing system with a large basket diameter of 800mm and a high payload capacity of 250kgs.

5 reasons WHY you need a Torrent Parts Washer

Powerful Performance

Takes ONLY 60 seconds to clean off stubborn grease and grime

Environment Friendly

Minimize solvent production and wastewater with the Torrent water-based solution.


Eliminates fire hazards in the workplace by using a water-based solution.

Increase Productivity

Super quick and easy to use with no mess and no fuss. Gives employees time for more important jobs.

IT Really Works

Revolutionary water-based parts cleaning that has proven performance and cleaning results.

Before & After

See the difference in cleaning with before and after images

Featured Application

Your best technician would need 1 minute to clean this heavily soiled part effectively

Power plant hydraulic valve cleaning


A lot of conventional solvent is needed to clean solder paste. It takes a long time to remove the harden solder paste.


Use Torrent 500 water-based chemical + pressure + heat to clean their parts. Watch closely our Torrent + Storm Base performance.

Parts Cleaning FULL RANGE of Solutions

Torrent 500 & Torrent 700

High pressure range, rapid manual cleaning


Machine & Chemistry combined. Delivering high precision degreasing


Automatic high chemistry flow. Large component volume and payload


Precision surface preparation for stubborn contaminants & component


Precision surface cleaning with a polished finish

Customer Feedback

We recommend the TORRENT 500 with complete satisfaction!

All our employees and myself are convinced of its performance and benefits. Furthermore the service offered by NCH GmbH is very extensive and even includes a monthly inspection.Many different points and benefits of the unit have convinced us. This is the reason why we purchased the TORRENT 400. We are exited about the all-round package of the TORRENT500 and the excellent service provided by the NCH GmbH. We recommend the TORRENT500 with complete satisfaction.

~ Coca-Cola HBC ~
We are happy with the TORRENT parts cleaning system!

The Torrent parts cleaning system has played a critical role in this area of our business. The high pressure water jet allows for good cleaning inside the manifolds, even down small diameter deep drillings and voids in the parts. This allows most of the swarf and machining chips to be removed prior to inspection and deburring. Safety is also a high priority for Custom Fluid Power and its employees. With the part safely contained in the cabinet it can be fully cleaned and blown out with compressed air. This Significantly reduces risk of injury to the operator and limits exposure to the high pitched sounds and air injection injuries that often accompany compressed air. We are very happy with the Torrent parts cleaning system. It has proven itself to be a very reliable, safe and efficient tool in our facility.

~ Hydraulic Manifolds Team Leader ~
I would encourage anyone with the goal to clean parts quickly, with a safe and effective solution, to consider the TORRENT a winner!

I’m writing to tell you about the success we’ve had with TORRENT parts washer. Prior to bringing int he TORRENT, we were not allowed to have a parts washer due to company policy on flammable materials. The TORRENT is a perfect fit to meet our standard. Not only is the water-based solution non-flammable, but the built in gloves keeps the staff safe by not allowing
them to come in contact with the solution while cleaning parts.

~ Sanderson Farms ~

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