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NCH Asia Pacific provides cutting-edge and sustainable water treatment solutions for data centers. Our solutions reduce water consumption and wastage, prevent equipment failure, and lower carbon footprint, thereby reducing overall costs. We also help you meet Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE), Cycle of Concentration (CoC), Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), and Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE) standards for efficiency.

Data centers consume billions of gallons of water every year directly for cooling the equipment and indirectly for electricity generation. While water is crucial for data centers to run uninterruptedly, it is becoming a major pain point for them.

Water-Related Challenges in Data Centers

  • Mounting global demand to reduce water usage and wastage
  • Regulatory and environmental pressure to find sustainable water solutions
  • Ongoing water scarcity due to climate change and droughts
  • A high percentage of water costs on the balance sheet
  • Frequent equipment failure due to scale, corrosions, biofilms, and microbiological growth 

Due to these challenges, data centers are also struggling to manage their WUE, CoC, PUE, and CUE standards:

  • The more water-sensitive the facility, the higher the WUE
  • The more need for fresh water in cooling towers, the lower the CoC
  • The more energy consumption, the higher the PUE
  • The more greenhouse gases the facility produces, the higher the CUE 

Water Treatment – An Effective and Sustainable Solution

Data centers can overcome these challenges by implementing a powerful and smart water treatment solution. There are eight operational areas where data centers can achieve water efficiency: pre-treatment, cooling tower, closed loop, biofilm/microbiological control, effluent reuse, managed operations at hyperscalers, digital enablers, and design and engineering.

A water management system solution will make water usage and recycling in data centers more efficient. This will lower overall water consumption and wastage. The water quality will also improve considerably which will help address issues such as scale, corrosions, biofilms, and microbiological growth. There will cause fewer incidents of equipment breakdown, reducing the repair and maintenance costs. 



Data centers can make a major socio-economic and environmental impact by improving sustainability. They can decrease their dependency on potable and fresh water, making more quantity of usable water available to communities.  They can contribute their bit to reducing water scarcity, water crises and water stress situations. They can also meet regulatory and environmental compliances.

Our Chem-Aqua water treatment solution is a customized and state-of-the-art water treatment program. It comprises a comprehensive range of products, services, and patented equipment such as aquaDART, BioeXile, bioDART BioFouling Monitor, and HandiChem Solid Water Solutions. This program is designed to create water impact at every stage of the water lifecycle in data centers.

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