Facilities Maintenance

NCH Facilities are dedicated to helping facilities engineers and maintenance managers adapt to cost-effective energy and water reduction plans, that enable a brighter future for facility management.

Disaster Prevention & Relief Program

NCH's Disaster Prevention & Relief Program works to limit losses from extreme weather conditions by responding with emergency products and support.


NCH’s preventive and predictive solutions can keep HVAC in industrial buildings in optimal conditions. We have long-standing experience and in-depth expertise in industrial HVAC maintenance and cleaning.

Facilities Disinfection Program

Most industrial establishments follow basic cleaning and hygiene protocols, either as internal practice or regulatory compliance.

Odor Control Program

If you have been able to connect the dots, the smell is the invisible secret that can set apart your brand identity and differentiation. Good scents are linked to pleasure, well-being, emotions, and memory.

Shield Your Building

NCH Asia Pacific’s ‘Shield Your Building’ program provides 360-degree modern and customized solutions to meet the varied demands of residential and commercial buildings.

Drain Integrity Program

Our Drain Integrity Program is designed with three objectives; Ensure continuous flow of wastewater, prevent wastewater leakages and potential damage and inspect and remove drain blockages

Biological Wastewater Treatment

NCH Asia Pacific offers biological wastewater treatment solutions to help businesses like yours run cost-effectively, orderly and efficiently. Read more here.

Enabling a brighter future for facility management

We work on improving building maintenance within multiple industries in the commercial sector such as hotels and hospitality establishments, hospitals and healthcare organizations, schools, shopping malls, commercial buildings, and more.

Our approach to facility resource management is second to none, offering products and programs designed to offer the most effective solution for any building maintenance application.

Our facilities management solutions:

  • Wastewater – Our wastewater solutions include drain, grease trap and lift station maintenance. Whether you are looking for a solution for an individual drain or an entire sewerage system, NCH Facilities will help you to find the answer and keep your costs low.
  • HVAC – HVAC maintenance is especially important for larger facilities or companies with a large number of employees, guests or customers. Our HVAC solutions are designed to help you reduce your energy costs and increase the life of your HVAC system.
  • Odor Control – Whether you are looking for indoor, outdoor or wastewater odor reduction solutions, NCH Facilities are able to provide a top-quality and long-lasting solution to your odor problem.
  • Shield Your Building– NCH Facilities offers a wide choice of maintenance products designed to give facilities engineers the best solution to any maintenance requirement while at the same time keeping costs down

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