NCH Asia Pacific delivers world-class industrial maintenance solutions, including wastewater treatment, parts cleaning, specialty maintenance and more. 

Disaster Prevention & Relief Program

NCH's Disaster Prevention & Relief Program works to limit losses from extreme weather conditions by responding with emergency products and support.


NCH’s preventive and predictive solutions can keep HVAC in industrial buildings in optimal conditions. We have long-standing experience and in-depth expertise in industrial HVAC maintenance and cleaning.

Disinfection Program

NCH Asia Pacific provides an effective, economical, and comprehensive sanitization and disinfection program to keep your business safe and sanitized.

Degreaser Program

We offer a customized degreaser program for every industry. Our program is cost-effective, protects your assets, and reduces downtime while creating a safe environment.

Odor Control Program

If you have been able to connect the dots, the smell is the invisible secret that can set apart your brand identity and differentiation. Good scents are linked to pleasure, well-being, emotions, and memory.

Drain Integrity Program

Our Drain Integrity Program is designed with three objectives; Ensure continuous flow of wastewater, prevent wastewater leakages and potential damage and inspect and remove drain blockages

Biological Wastewater Treatment

NCH Asia Pacific offers biological wastewater treatment solutions to help businesses like yours run cost-effectively, orderly and efficiently. Read more here.

Industrial Maintenance Solutions

NCH keeps businesses across Asia Pacific functioning steadily and efficiently while protecting their investments with an extensive range of premium maintenance solutions.
Our research and development chemists are constantly pushing the limits and exploring new technologies and innovations, all focused on our customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on ensuring our products meet the highest standard and are environmentally responsible.
NCH delivers Industrial maintenance products/solutions that will help absorb spills, eliminate rust, maintain workplaces, and remove odors. Our extensive range of solutions can help you with any maintenance issue.  With NCH, you can be sure that your business is running at optimum performance through minimized downtime, reduced costs, and extended machinery life.

Our industrial maintenence solutions:

  • Biological Wastewater – Biological wastewater treatment solutions to help businesses like yours run sustainably, cost-effectively, orderly, and efficiently.
  • Degreaser Program– Our comprehensive degreasing program provides the appropriate degreasing products, dilution equipment, and application equipment. By utilizing water-based degreasing technologies, we reduce the reliance on solvent-based degreaser cleaners.
  • Disinfection ProgramCleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing should be a regular, preferably daily, activity to ensure cleanliness and safety. Our industrial cleaning solutions can help maintain a germ-free environment, minimizing the presence of microorganisms.
  • Drain Integrity: Before recommending the most appropriate industrial drain cleaner, we find out the causes of drain blockages
  • HVAC – Maintenance and Cleaning Solutions for Industrial Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) The HVAC systems for industrial use are designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment and high indoor air quality for the workforce.
  • Odor Control – Our biological solutions consume the source of odors and reduce wastewater build-up that causes odors in your drain lines up to your STP. Our patented combination of Freeflow and BioAmp augments the treatment plant with live quality FreeFlow bacteria that reduces the capacity of sludge, allowing for better digestion of organic material. 
  • Parts Cleaning – With optimized engineering, the Torrent provides the right combination of pressure, temperature and chemistry to increase cleaning productivity whilst reducing costs and environmental impact.

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