Buildings and Facilities Management

NCH Asia Pacific provides pioneering and cost-effective solutions for building and facilities management. These solutions are designed to save water, reduce energy costs, and ensure the safety of people. We work closely with buildings and facilities managers in the hotels and hospitality sector, hospitals and healthcare organizations, shopping malls, schools, and other commercial industries.

Chem-Aqua Water Treatment

Our Chem-Aqua water treatment solution remove contaminants from water and cleans it thoroughly to keep your HVAC up and running smoothly.

Facilities Maintenance

We provide solutions to ensure consistent and thorough hygiene on all surfaces and touch points throughout the building.

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Control and manage wastewater from urinals, pipes, sanitary fittings, drains, grease traps, lift stations, garbage areas, and septic tanks.

Odor Control

Maintain pleasant-smelling areas for a positive work environment and visitor satisfaction

Chem-Aqua Water Treatment

The most challenging water treatment area in most commercial buildings is the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. The cooling tower in HVAC is vulnerable to corrosion, scale and deposits, and microbiological growth which can lower equipment performance. The growth of harmful Legionella bacteria in the cooling tower can cause respiratory and other health risks to people. Another problem area with HVAC is the need for an excessive blowdown process which indicates that your current water treatment is not working properly or the water quality is poor.

Our Chem-Aqua water treatment solution can effectively tackle all these challenges. The water treatment removes contaminants from water and cleans it thoroughly to keep your HVAC up and running smoothly. Moreover, the treatment will also maintain better makeup water chemistry and increase the Cycle of Concentration (CoC). This solution enhances the capability, reliability, longevity, and safety of the cooling tower in HVAC. It will also keep your water, energy, and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Building Maintenance

The building of your organization could be a habitat for a variety of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms. This kind of exposure is detrimental to people’s health and they can fall sick easily. The incidents of absenteeism and lower productivity can increase. Moreover, it can also deteriorate your brand reputation among customers.

Our holistic Disinfection Program prevents the growth and transmission of disease-causing microbes. Our program comprises a 3-step process ‘Clean-Disinfect-Sanitize’ to ensure consistent and thorough hygiene in your facility. This is an economical solution to keep all surfaces and touchpoints clean and safe throughout the building.

Biological Wastewater Treatment

Buildings produce a considerable amount of biodegradable waste, especially from urinals, pipes, sanitary fittings, drains, grease traps, lift stations, garbage areas, and septic tanks. If not managed or disposed of properly, it could lead to the accumulation of solid waste, blockage of pipes, and stagnancy of wastewater. This, in turn, can pose a huge risk of spreading diseases and environmental pollution. You can also face regulatory and environmental penalties for poor drainage and sewage management and wastewater treatment.

Today’s building designs are so complex that manual and acid-based cleaners do not yield effective results. That’s why we have developed a powerful biological drain and wastewater treatment system called ecoSTORM. It is an innovative and fully-automated device that can be programmed to dispense a bio-friendly cleaner. This cleaner introduces more than 160 billion live bacteria to break down grease and drain waste naturally, drastically prevent build-up and stoppages, and eliminate foul odors. It is both an economically viable and ecologically-sustainable solution so that you can green impact without compromising your bottom line.

Odor Control

A pleasant-smelling workplace contributes to a productive work environment, high levels of engagement, and employee wellness. It also gives a positive presentation to customers. Hence, it is essential that your facility radiates a good scent to create a fragrant and cheerful ambience.

Our Mystic Air is a perfect aroma management solution. It utilizes cold air diffusion technology that uses a high amount of filtered air with air pressure to diffuse fragrant oils into dry mists of ultrafine particles. It keeps your facility smelling nice and fresh all the time.


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Building and Facilities Management

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