NCH Asia Pacific is the leading global provider of BioAmp and FreeFlow wastewater treatment solutions as well as other quality maintenance products, services, and customized solutions. We have experts dedicated to research and development, and our experience, and satisfied wastewater treatment customers worldwide show that we can find the right solution for you.

From our wealth of knowledge and expertise, we often find that most wastewater treatment customers experience:

  • Foul odors throughout the wastewater treatment plant due to high levels of hydrogen sulfide.
  • High BOD, COD, TSS, and FOG effluent readings causing fines and surcharges in many cases.
  • Sludge buildup in wastewater treatment plants requiring frequent, costly sludge removal.
  • Variable production schedules stress the WTP, causing inefficiencies in the system.

Other treatments such as filtration, excessive aerations, flocculation products, and spore/powder bacteria often result in these issues for many customers.

  • Expensive to maintain and hard to monitor.
  • Expensive process for oxidizing organic wastes.
  • Expensive – produces lots of solids (scum) for disposal.
  • Not cost-effective and using the wrong type of bacteria.

BioAmp & FreeFlow

Our BioAmp Systems are a unique, patented combination of microbiology (FreeFlow Tablets) and engineering (BioAmp Systems). What sets us apart from other BioAmp water treatment providers is that we understand that live bacteria are the key to a successful biological remediation program.

FreeFlow bacteria are fastidious and ready to eat up organic waste as soon as they enter the wastewater treatment plant. FreeFlow contains five different types of bacteria that break down the organic waste and convert it into water and CO2, generating more bacteria. FreeFlow also helps create a balance of digesters, which leads to less sludge buildup and other unwanted wastewater issues.

By allowing NCH Asia Pacific to treat your wastewater problems with BioAmp and Freeflow, we help you to:

  • Eliminate the need for excessive aeration.
  • Eliminate foul odors in the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Help the facility meet effluent parameters (BOD, COD, TSS & FOG).

Our advanced combination of microbiology and engineering can help you with the below wastewater issues:

  • Blocked drain lines, clogs, and back-ups for all systems
  • Odor control for Drain lines to STPs
  • Water Parameter Control
  • Bioaugmentation Issues in WTP

How Does the Bioamp & Freeflow Combination Work?

BioAmp, combined with FreeFlow makes the most advanced technology solution for your water treatment. BioAmp (engineering) has a stainless steel system that uses FreeFlow (microbiology). BioAmp’s system uses FreeFlow to distribute and grow live and activated bacteria into your wastewater treatment plant every 24 hours.

The effectiveness of this combination is equal to more than 1,000 liters of liquid bacteria product. This live and activated bacteria then continues to grow in the aeration tank while breaking down, digesting, and converting organic wastes to CO2 and water.

The BioAmp water treatment system can give you results and benefits such as:

  • Removal of FOG accumulation using the BioAmp system signifies less organic load in the SBR.
  • Intermittent aeration curtailment every 4 hours – resulting in a 50% reduction in electrical costs.
  • Up to a 60% saving on aeration costs.

NCH Asia Pacific boasts over 100 years of expertise and experience, making our BioAmp & FreeFlow offering the best choice for your water treatment solutions. We can help to improve your system reliability, accuracy, and safety. Our advanced technology, innovative products, and solutions are also designed, manufactured, and approved by firm ISO 9001 specifications.

Contact NCH today about creating a custom water treatment program for your business. Our team of NCH experts are always happy to help.

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