BioDART BioFouling Monitor

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When biofilm, also called slime or biofouling, occurs in cooling water systems, it can get out of hand quickly. Though it can be remedied, this can be costly and difficult. This can even cause total shutdown of operation in severe cases. The best solution to biofilm is to stop it before it can occur.

Chem-Aqua’s bioDART Biofouling Monitor continuously monitors water in systems for potential biofilm formation to allow for action to be taken. BioDART provides real-time data to monitor microbiological activity that causes biofouling.

The impact of biofilm

Biofilm deposits can impact several aspects of water cooling systems, with effects including:

  • Corrosion
  • Heat transfer loss
  • Reduced flow
  • Transmission of diseases including Legionnaires

Current methods of biomonitoring such as dip slides do not allow for up to the minute examination of water levels. Dip slides only measure a small fraction of bacteria in bulk water, and can take up to 3 days to develop. A biofilm outbreak can start and get out of control in a matter of days.

Similarly, ATP is expensive and results can be misleading. Both methods, however, require manual sampling and can produce difficult to interpret readings. By the time you have taken a sample, had it developed and checked the results, you may already be way beyond biofilm prevention.

By utilizing advanced optical sensors, the bioDART system measures biofilm formation under standard conditions that amplify the potential for bacterial growth. It also provides a sensitive BFI reading of bacterial counts, biocide additions, nutrient load, and operating conditions on microbiological growth and biofilm formation.

Benefits of BioDART

  • Automatically monitors microbiological activity
  • Predicts biofilm formation
  • Early warning for water changes
  • Optimizes results and reduces costs
  • Stand-alone unit or connect to a controller
  • Independently validated


BioDART offers continuous, predictive analysis of bacterial growth. It offers an unparalleled advantage over alternative monitoring solutions in the constant battle of biofilm control, and can prevent costly downtime or serious effects.

The bioDART system provides valuable, practical data that you can use to monitor and improve biofilm control in your cooling water systems, allowing you to target your treatment program for optimized results.

For more information, watch the video below, or contact us.