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Help safeguard the environment with NCH Chem-Aqua.

NCH Asia Pacific’s Chem-Aqua division are committed to developing new products and innovative solutions for the water treatment industry.


We’re able to do this by utilising our cutting-edge research laboratories where we produce state-of-the-art products to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Below are the water treatment innovations that our experts have created here at NCH Chem-Aqua. 

aquaDART® Automation Control Systems

Monitor and control high-performance water treatment programs with NCH Chem-Aqua's aquaDART systems. This innovation uses fluorescent-traced technology to deliver real-time, performance-based feedback and control. Read more about how you could benefit from improved treatment results and reduced operating costs with aquaDART systems.

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HandiChem™ Solid Water Treatment Solutions

Targeted at cooling towers, closed systems and steam boilers, the HandiChem™ Solid System offers a next-generation water treatment solution. Key benefits can be seen over liquid treatment programs, generating proven results. Discover more about this solution.

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BioeXile® Biofilm Cleaning Systems

Biofilm can cause serious cooling tower problems if left untreated, which is where BioeXile from NCH Chem-Aqua comes in. The BioeXile process helps keep waterside surfaces clean by removing stubborn biofilms not controlled by routine biocide additions. Discover more about this innovative solution.

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BioDART Biofouling Monitor

When biofilm slime occurs in cooling water systems, it can quickly get out of control. Though it can be sorted, this can be difficult and expensive. Biofilm can cause total shutdown of operation in the worst cases. The best solution to biofilm is to stop it before it can occur.

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Biofilm Control Solution

Biofilms can impact every aspect of water cooling systems, accelerating corrosion, reducing heat transfer, increasing energy costs, and contributing to the spread of pathogens such as legionella. Stop biofilms from taking over with NCH Asia Pacific’s Biofilm Control Solution.

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