Water Treatment Equipment Solutions

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The use of incorrect operating equipment can be a major cause of water treatment failure. Facilities can be presented with large fines if they are not seen to be minimizing environmental impact.

Ensuring effective water treatment in your facility doesn’t just stop at using the right treatment chemicals. Using suitable pre-treatment and application equipment is also vital in preventing water treatment failure and reducing costs. 

NCH Chem-Aqua believes that maintaining your equipment is just as important as treating your water. Therefore, water treatment equipment maintenance is naturally part of our treatment solution. You can trust NCH to provide the products, the expertise and the commitment necessary to provide cost-effective equipment solutions.


Pre-treatment and application

The easy application and minimal maintenance of our pre-treatment solutions ensure contaminants and pollutants are effectively removed from the water. This helps prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria in order to deliver clean water that is fit for purpose. Whether you need water for irrigation or the purest, finest drinking water - NCH Chem-Aqua have the solution that is right for the job. 

Read about our Bioexile biofilm cleaning systems here.


Why use NCH Asia for your water treatment equipment?

  • NCH has been a leader in the specialty maintenance market since 1919.
  • Years of research and development have gone into the treatment of water in industrial and commercial applications. Our efforts are on-going as we anticipate and react to industry changes.
  • We are dedicated to providing the very best products and services to our customers.
  • Our water treatment equipment is designed to be cost-efficient and prevent problems caused by poor treatment and maintenance.
  • Our customers’ needs are always our top priority.

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