Anti Corrosion Grease

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Rust and corrosion products for heavy-duty industrial applications


The effects of metal rust can be devastating to businesses in any industry, especially those in heavy-duty industrial environments.

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Metal Matters: Managing the threat of rust

Metallic bonds can deteriorate and be left weakened if rust problems aren’t treated quickly. This can lead to structural damage to parts and equipment which in turn can lead to costly repairs or replacements. The correct rust prevention and treatment solutions could reduce corrosion related costs.

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NCH offers advanced rust management technologies

NCH offers a range of rust and corrosion products that have been specially formulated by our Research and Development chemists. Our groundbreaking  X-Rust 7 has a patented pH neutral formula capable of safely removing rust from a wide variety of metals. The three-in-one Salvage 2+ encapsulates, primes and coats metals using the latest hybrid coating technology. 

Prepare, Treat, Protect – a three step approach to managing rust

This comprehensive, three-step approach to rust management by NCH will ensure that rust and corrosion are stopped in their tracks and treated to prevent further spreading.

Step 1: Degrease

Before any rust treatment can take place, you must ensure that any loose rust is removed. Any other contaminants present on the surface also need to be removed - you can do this with an NCH industrial degreaser. Ignoring this important step could affect the performance of treatment solutions.

Step 2: Treat

There are two options when it comes to treatment - removal or encapsulation/conversion. We offer a range of anti-corrosion greases and other rust treatment solutions to handle any rust problem you may have.

Rust removal: completely remove rust with a number of products from NCH, including the latest pH neutral solutions X-Rust 7 and X-Rust 7 Gel or the powerful Etch Klenz Extra.

Encapsulation or conversion: eliminate the need for rust removal altogether by using Salvage 2+.The three-in-one product encapsulates rust when painted directly onto the rusty surface. This stops further corrosion whilst also providing outstanding protection. Another treatment product we offer is Chelade. This polymeric rust converter works by converting rust into a primer, which can then be painted over to provide long-term protection.

Step 3: Protect

Finally, to prevent rust from returning you must protect the treated surface (unless Salvage 2+ has been used to encapsulate the rust).

A range of aerosol coatings are available from NCH; Hy Zinc Extra, AL 217 and Stay Put. The formulation of these products means they provide long-term protection against corrosion.

For items being stored (indoor or outdoor) or transported, temporary protective coatings can be used. Show HI (Wax) and Resist X Extra (Oil) all provide protection from rust until the item is ready for use.

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When can rust occur?

Rust can occur when iron (or an alloy containing iron) is exposed to moisture and oxygen for an extended period of time. Although, there are some circumstances where metals are susceptible to flash rusting, in which rusting is accelerated.

  • Production: Freshly, cut, machined or milled metal are at risk from flash rusting
  • Transport: From transport infrastructure to transported goods
  • Storage: Moisture can lead to the corrosion of components, equipment, or tools during storage
  • Structural: Pipe and storage tanks through to buildings and bridges will all be subject to corrosion over time

NCH rust management solutions from NCH can help you deal with all of the above.

If your business could benefit from our advanced anti-corrosion grease and rust management technologies, contact NCH today