Pipe Repair

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pipe repair

Protect the vital pipework systems in your facility or establishment with pipe repair solutions from NCH PartsMaster.

If your facility has been affected by leaking or damaged pipework, you can find fast and cost-effective pipe repair solutions in the NCH PartsMaster range.

Pipework systems are an integral part of almost every facility and industrial building. They allow a broad range of substances to be carried around the building, such as water, oil, chemicals and steam. A leak or any other damage to the pipework can cause hours of downtime and can lead to lost production. This in turn can cost businesses thousands in unexpected revenue loss.

Solutions from NCH PartsMaster aim to return pipes back to their original working condition in as little time as possible, with minimum downtime. This means our customers can benefit from significant cost savings.

With the specialist range of pipe repair products offered by NCH, you can:

  • Seal and plug holes with easy to apply epoxy putty.
  • Reinforce and protect pipes with water activated bandages.
  • Seal pipes under pressure with our self-amalgamating tape.

The selection of pipe repair products in the NCH PartsMaster range can all be used as part of your maintenance program to ensure your building is protected against damaged or degraded pipe systems.

Dyna Stretch and Seal Tape

Stock up your stores cupboard with essential pipe repair solutions from NCH PartsMaster.

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