Lift Stations

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Reduce grease build-up and cut costs with NCH Wastewater. Lift stations push wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation.

Grease build-up is a common problem associated with lift stations. It reduces waste holding capacity and increases costs dramatically. If grease builds up on the float it will cause waste overflow and result in the breakdown of pumps.

A high build-up of grease allows waste to accumulate and decompose, causing strong odors. Lift stations with excessive grease build-up results in labor-intensive cleaning and expensive pump replacements.

Cleaning a lift station can be dangerous; there is a risk of injury to workers and hydrogen sulphide gas build-up can occur.

NCH Wastewater will take care of your lift station cleaning needs. Our advanced biological solutions will remove the build-up of FOG and eliminate odors in the process, resulting in a reduction of fines, saving you both time and money.