Industrial Degreasers

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Degreasers are the key to good maintenance. They prevent breakdown caused by contamination and hidden faults and minimize asset replacement. The better the degreaser, the less time spent on manpower and energy.

Importance of high-quality degreasers

Inspection of equipment can uncover abnormalities that should be corrected before the equipment fails. Using degreasers as part of an inspection program will significantly reduce maintenance costs.

In heat exchangers, poor cooling efficiency leads to energy loss. An accumulation of 0.25mm of dirt on a heating exchange coil could result in an increase of electricity use by as much as 40%.

Our range of industrial degreasers covers a wide range of applications including water-based and solvent-based solutions.


Water Based

Our Water-Based Industrial Degreasers penetrate and lift grease and grime with minimal effort.

Typically non-flammable, water-based degreasers are complete blends of detergents and inhibitors. The detergents break the surface bonds of the fats and oils, which are emulsified and rinsed away. The oils and fats remain in suspension in the wastewater and, with time, can be physically removed.

Water based degreasers will:

• Remove soil and dirt from most surfaces
• Combine heavy-duty grease removal with environmental safety
• Dilute with water for economical cleaning and use on various surfaces including; metal, vinyl, plastic, rubber, concrete, and stone, without causing damage

Our range of water-based solutions tend to degreasing needs safely and efficiently. We have degreasers and oil separators, low foaming degreasers, water soluble industrial solvents, and degreasers safe to use on or around glass surfaces.


Solvent Based

Our Solvent-Based Industrial Degreaser dissolves even the heaviest grease and soil from parts and equipment.

Derived from petroleum or natural oils, such as orange peel (terpene base) or pine needle extracts, these degreasers have an affinity with fats and greases, dissolving them to form an inseparable chemical solution. Solvent-based degreasers are often comprised of chlorinated, fluorinated, (CFCs), kerosene, gasoline, terpene alcohols, acetone and esters. They can be flammable or non-flammable, with some being quick-drying. 

NCH Maintenance provides solutions with a high dielectric strength, greater than 25,000 volts. We have controlled evaporation rates for effective, stronger, and longer cleaning. Our extensive range of solutions combined with our technical expertise allows us to provide you with a solution that is tailored to your needs.

Other Solutions:

• Solvents for use in dip tanks and sprayers
• Non-corrosive to metals and harmless to most paints, insulation, hard plastics, or rubber
• Chlorinated and Aromatic solvent free solutions for food machinery and equipment