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Freeflow enhances the performance of wastewater streams or drain systems.

Unlike solvents and free enzyme products, FreeFlow digests and removes FOG. It reduces BOD, COD, TSS and ammonia and helps eliminate odors.

With traditional treatments, most bacteria get flushed through the pre-treatment system before they even become active. FreeFlow bacteria are live and begin feeding and multiplying the instant they enter the wastewater stream or drain system.


  • 1000 times more bacteria than the nearest competitor
  • 30-500 trillion live, active FreeFlow bacteria delivered daily to your drains through our BioAmp systems.
  • FreeFlow bacteria become active during the BioAmp growth cycle, allowing live bacteria to enter your wastewater stream or drain system. These live bacteria go to work straight away to eliminate blockages and foul odors.
  • FreeFlow reduces the amount of FOG passed to the city or county wastewater treatment facility, resulting in a reduction of BOD, COD, TSS, ammonia and wastewater charges and fines.
  • FreeFlow has NSF L2 approval making it acceptable for use as a bacterial/enzyme drain and sewer treatment for use in and around food processing areas.

FreeFlow HC

  • Degrades petroleum hydrocarbons and non-petroleum organic wastes
  • Performs even under diverse environmental conditions.
  • FreeFlow HC contains a blend of microorganisms that will degrade petroleum hydrocarbons and non-petroleum organic wastes.
  • Gas chromatograph analysis confirmed that these petroleum degrading strains metabolize hydrocarbon products such as gasoline, oil, diesel and BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene).
  • The bacterial cultures in FreeFlow HC are also beneficial in treating soil tainted with hydrocarbon. Soil treatments can be spray applied or tilled into the contaminated soil.

Biological Drain Liquid

Coats drain line surfaces for maximum retention, digestion and cleaning activity

Advanced biological concentrate for maintaining grease traps, drain lines, septic tanks and sewage treatment systems

This biological drain liquid reduces manual cleaning, hydro-jetting and the amount of waste in grease traps whilst extending pumping intervals

  • Digests FOG and organic waste to keep drain systems clean and prevent back-ups.
  • Contains both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Does not contain free enzymes.
  • Reduces the need for products such as; solvent maintainers, acids and caustic drain openers.

The Bacillus strains in our biological drain liquid digests and reduces organic matter instead of just moving it into the municipal sewer lines. All of the Bacillus strains are naturally occurring soil bacteria that have not been genetically altered, engineered or modified.

Our biological drain liquid uses a thickened formula to keep spores suspended throughout the liquid product and can be used for lateral lines maintenance in conjunction with BioAmp. It eliminates foul odors and helps reduce municipal fines.