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Is your facility suffering with slow drains, back-ups and foul odors? ecoSTORM is a biological drain and wastewater treatment system that delivers the results of 15L of conventional liquid bio product in just 1 dose.

This innovative, fully-automated bacteria delivery system grows billions of food safe bacteria each day, ensuring your drains stay clean and clear 24 hours a day.

ecoSTORM features & benefits

  • ecoSTORM resizeCompact, lightweight and versatile battery-powered unit - installation is quick and easy.
  • Innovative fully automated on-site delivery system for growing food safe bacteria.
  • Works with FreeFlow Liquid Concentrate, the latest bacterial liquid technology.
  • 40 billion supercharged bacteria are applied into your drainline 4 times per day.
  • Programmable machine making dosing hands-off and automatic - requires no action from you or your staff.
  • Eliminates the need for large dispensing equipment and chemical drums in the food preparation areas.
  • Reduces downtime associated with blocked drains.
  • Worry-free operation, 24/7 – maintained and serviced by NCH personnel.
  • The unit dispenses by utilizing the pump attached to the bottle - no connection to water or power supply required.

ecoSTORM Results

Introduction of 160 billion live bacteria daily
The overwhelming amount of bacteria is 19 times more than the nearest competitor.

Prevents backups
Bacteria digest grease build-up in drain lines that can block flow and cause back-up.

Reduces professional maintenance servicing
The prevention of back-ups together with regular servicing by NCH personnel means the need for professional maintenance servicing is significantly reduced.

Eliminates foul odors
The amount of food particles present is reduced by the bacteria, preventing decay and foul odors.

ecoSTORM is ideal for use in industries such as:

  • Hotel
  • Hospital
  • University
  • Restaurant
  • Residential care
  • Shopping Mall
  • Office buildings

Application Areas

  • Drain lines
  • Kitchen drains
  • Soda dispensers
  • Fountains
  • Refrigerator drain lines
  • Condensate lines
  • Lift Stations
  • Ice machines

The ecoSTORM program from NCH includes:

  • On-site installation at desired location
  • Initial setup of the unit
  • Ecobionics Free-Flow supercharged bacteria
  • Routine service, diagnostics and cleaning
  • Service reports
  • Bi-annual review of system performance

To transform drain maintenance in your facility get in touch with NCH today - a member of our team will discuss how ecoSTORM could save you time and money.


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