BioAmp 750 CCU

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Advanced biological drain and wastewater treatment system

Climate controlled, indoors or outdoors, environmentally-friendly, microbiological fermentation unit. The BioAmp 750 CCU is 1000 times more powerful and one-tenth the cost of dry powder or liquid bacterial formulations. This patented system solves a range of drain and wastewater problems. The BioAmp 750 CCU can bring considerable cost savings while ensuring compliance with European directives and local regulations.
bioamp750ccNCH Wastewater supplies and maintains the BioAmp 750 CCU on a monthly basis and no capital investment is required. This unit is a unique combination of advanced engineering and microbiology. It is installed on site and delivers 30 trillion active, naturally occurring, safe bacteria (FreeFlow) directly into your drains, every 24 hours.

BioAmp 750 CCU dispenses FreeFlow into drains where it immediately reduces FOG while still reducing odors. BioAmp 750 CCU and FreeFlow transform highly polluted wastewater to a level that is acceptable to environmental agencies and water utility operators. They amplify the natural breakdown of organic waste, including soluble BOD, SS and ammonia.

Designed for industrial use to treat drains, grease traps, lift stations and wastewater applications in conditions where temperatures will vary from below 15°C to above 35°C.