Rust Maintenance


polymeric rust converter

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  • stabilizes & envelopes rust, converting inyo a paint-able surface
  • chemically convert existing rust on surfaces into a black polymeric protective barrier that is moisture-free and is resistant to oxidant and deterioration
  • an excellent primer and produces a protective barrier on surfaces that can then be directly painted over without further surface preparation
  • extended sheld life and can be stored up to one year and still work effectively

chelade, rust converter, remove rust, rust maintenance

etch klenz

metal conditioning compound

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  • degreases, etches & conditions in one step
  •  quickly neutralizes and removes rust
  • extra strength cleanser
  • creates tighter joint by removing corrosion and deposits
  •  conditions most metal surfaces

metal conditioner, etch-klenz, remove rust, rust remover, rust conditioner

mega metal 316l stainless stee

316L stainless steel coating

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  • 100% 316 L Stainless Steel filler - designed for the most demanding service to protect against rust and corrosion
  • coats in a single pass on most surfaces
  • excellent resistance to oil, grease and many chemicals
  •  heat resistant up to 121°C/ 250°F
  • VOC compliant - meets the most stringent air quality regulations

stainless steel coating, mega metal, rust and corrosion maintenance, rust protection

resist-x plus aerosol

anti-corrosion treatment

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  • *two products in one: displaces and seals out moisture, then provides long-term indoor storage protection up to 6 months
  • effective in all temperature extremes
  • contains no chlorinated or flourinated solvents
  • protects metal parts in storage with a colorless coating

resist-x plus, anti-corrosion treatment, rust maintenance, anti corrosion

rustore aerosol

heavy-duty protective coating

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  • protects stored metal surfaces from most weather conditions
  •  resists heat and temperature changes
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • apply to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals

coating, rustore, heavy-duty protective coating, indoor and outdoor coating

salvage 2+

3-in-1 : rust encapsulator, primer & top coat

More Information

  • stop rust in a single coat & provides a chip resistant coating
  • utilises the latest hybridtechnology
  •  outstanding corrosion resistance - passed 3000 hours scribed hot salt spray test ATSM B117
  •  fast application
  •  pot life of up to 2 hours, ideal for larger application

rust and corrosion treatmetn, rust maintenance, rust encapsulator, primer, top coat, salvage 2+

stay put aerosol

316L stainless steel coating

More Information

  • resists corrosion and coloring
  • fast drying
  •  lead free
  •  resist running and sagging
  • can withstand temperatures up to 600°C and resists corrosion

stay put, 316L stainless steel, coating, rust maintenance


penetrating release agent

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  • * loosens rust instantly without damage
  • loosens frozen nuts, bolts, and fittings without damage to metal or metal threads
  • penetrates and releases parts quickly allowing quiker work and less costly downtime
  • cleans grease, dirt and sludge

penetrating release agent, loosens frozen nuts and bolts, WD-40, multi purpose lubricant, anti rust lubricant, multi use lubricant

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