Pipe Water Leak Repair


underwater repair compound

More Information

  • used to stop leaks while repairs are completed
  •  stop leaks while repair are completed - reduces downtime
  • cures underwater - can be used to repair iron pipes, tanks, tools, and equipment, stripped threads, blow holes, molds, patterns and castings, and ductwork
  • can be drilled, tapped, machined, ground or filed after hardening - versatile

underwater repair compound, aquastick, pipe repair, pipe water repair

dyna stretch and seal tape

self fusing tape

More Information

  • emergency pipe repair
  •  seals instantly and even under pressure up to 11 bar
  • resists a range of temperature & weathering - durable suitable for a range of service conditions
  •  watertight - excellent moisture resistance and can be applied fully submerged
  •  excellent electrical insulation properties - can also be used for electrical applications with low to medium voltages

dyna stretch & seal, pipe repair tape, emergency pipe repair, water repair

mega pipe repair hd

pipe repair bandage

More Information

  • resists service temperatures of up to 270°C - temperature resistance coving most appliances
  •  flexible, ideal for pipe bends and corner applications
  • full mechanical strength produced in 30 minutes - minimal down time
  •  excellent chemical resistance - ideal for a wide range of industrial applications
  •  WRAS approved - can be used on potable water applications
  • indefinite shelf life

pipe repair bandage, mega pipe repair, mega pipe repair HD, pipe repair

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