Drain Maintenance


advanced urinal maintainer & descaler

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  • Curative, Preventative, Powerful
  • Removal of Uric Acids, Lime and Scale
  • Eliminate odours causing build-up
  • Clears Build-Up within 15 minutes of treatment

urinal maintenance, urinal descaler, drain maintenance, STP treament

blue streak

liquid drain opener

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  • specially formulated to clean and maintain problem drain lines
  •  restores and maintains free-flowing drains and drains line
  • thickened formula - travels to blockages to penetrate and liquefy the problem area
  •  liquefies grease, oil, fats and soap accumulations that causes blockages
  • eliminates hair - hair caught in the grease is released and easily flushed down the drain system
  • eliminates foul odors by dissolving accumulated waste in drain lines

blue streak, liquid drain cleaner, drain maintenance


water-soluble degreasing solvent

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  • heavy-duty grease-cutting power with environmental safety
  •  attacks and disperse grease, oil, sludge, carbon and other stubborn grime and quickly rinses away the dirt without an oily residue
  •  use on metal, vinyl, plastic, rubber, concrete, stone, most painted surfaces - versatile
  • formulated for use in food-processing plants.

water-soluble degreasing solvent, solvent, degreaser, degreasing solvent, ND-165


advanced drain and sewer treatment

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  • cleans & maintains industrial drains & sewer lines
  • clears accumulation of organic matter
  •  liquedies grease, fats, oils and organic waste
  •  eliminates the source of foul odors

industrial drain treatment, industrial sewer treatment, nd-66