Descaler Degreaser Solution

brex concentrate

cement, mineral & scale remover

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  • super concentrated acid cleaner
  • effective, versatile, easy-to-use and contains rust inhibitors
  • effective on most metal surface, including brass and copper
  • economical - highly concentrated for maximum dilution rate. Dilutes up to 1:10 with water

degreaser, descaler, cement remover, scale remover, mineral remover, acid cleaner, industrial

chemsearch concentrate

all purpose cleaner

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  • cleans quickly and effectively
  • safe to use - does not contain soap, acid, ammonia or free alkaline. pH neutral
  • no residue - will not leave a greasy film or streak surfaces
  •  no rinsing required

all purpose cleaner, ph neutral cleaner, degreaser, cleaning liquid


cleaning & descaling agent

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  • powerful chemical cleaner with D-10 for deep penetration
  •  harmless to most paints and finishes. Can be safely used around most finished surfaces
  • versatile and excellent removing cement, lime or concrete from metal equipment
  • economical and easy to use and reduces maintenance costs and training time and expense

cleaner, descaler, versatile cleaner, industrial cleaning

duo power m

heavy-duty cleaner

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  • one product is a fleet wash, steam cleaner
  • non-silicated - can be used on glass, paint, rubber, anodized aluminum, and polished surfaces
  • free rinsing - leaves no film, so surfaces can be painted immediately on cleaning
  • penetrates grime, strips away heavy grease, soot, oils, dirt, road film - cleans even heavily soiled surfaces

heavy-duty cleaner, all-in-one cleaner, fleet wash, industrial cleaning


water-soluble industrial solvent

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  • penetrates, emulsifies & lifts grease & grime for easy wash away
  • quickly cleans and floats away carbon, cresote, dye, grease, grime, ink, mildew stains, oil, soot, wax and other stubborn soils
  • leaves no film - just a clean, bright surface
  • specially inhibited to prevent corrosion of metal whilst cleaning
  • contains biodegrable surfactant

water-soluble industrial solvent, industrial solvent, degreaser, industrial maintainance


water-soluble degreasing solvent

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  • heavy-duty grease-cutting power with environmental safety
  •  attacks and disperse grease, oil, sludge, carbon and other stubborn grime and quickly rinses away the dirt without an oily residue
  •  use on metal, vinyl, plastic, rubber, concrete, stone, most painted surfaces - versatile
  • formulated for use in food-processing plants.

water-soluble degreasing solvent, solvent, degreaser, degreasing solvent, ND-165

soot away

heavy-duty cleaner

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  • highly concentrated
  • cuts through grease, creosote, carbon, grime and dirt for thorough cleaning
  • leaves no film or objectionable odour after rinsing
  •  biodegradable
  • is potent enough to remove even burned-on carbon and grease deposits

heavy duty cleaner, biodegradble cleaner, soot-away, grease cleaner