eze-way plus

multi-purpose, heavy duty aerosol penetrant and release agent

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  • non-flammable penentrant and release agent
  • immediately penetrate grease, sludge, dirt for easy release - also cuts rust, red or white lead, tar carbon deposits without part injury
  • reduces staining and breakage of parts
  • authorize for use in meat and poultry plants

heavy duty penetrant, eze-way plus, non flammable penetrant

gex aerosol

aerosol open-gear lubricant with MOLY-MX-9

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  • super tacky formula provides maximum protection and lubrication
  • withstands heavy gear tooth pressure and assures solid film lubrication even when oil is forced off
  •  stays on gear teeth loger than conventional open-gear lubricants
  • effective in hot, steamy conditions and even under water - constant temperatures -40°C to 121°C and up to 260°C intermittently

open gear lubricant, gear lubricant, gex

hold-fast plus

aerosol belt conditioner

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  • protects and extends belt life
  • weather proofs and protects belts from moisture
  • powerful gripping action - prevents slippage and maximizes efficiency

belt lubricant, belt conditioner, anti rust belt lubricant

t-lube plus

dry lubricant and release agent with PTFE*

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  • contains PTFE* for super friction reduction - excellent mold release agent
  • forms a protective barrier to repel water, oil, dirt and dust
  •  inert and resistant to most acids and solvents
  • wide temperature range - from -40°C to 260°C
  • versatile - eliminates sticking, squeaking and friction - excellent on all metals, rubber, glass, wood, paper and plastics

dry lubricant and release agent with PTFE*, dry lubricant and release agent, T-lube, T-lube plus

yield aerosol

penetrating release agent

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  • * loosens rust instantly without damage
  • loosens frozen nuts, bolts, and fittings without damage to metal or metal threads
  • penetrates and releases parts quickly allowing quiker work and less costly downtime
  • cleans grease, dirt and sludge

penetrating release agent, loosens frozen nuts and bolts, WD-40, multi purpose lubricant, anti rust lubricant, multi use lubricant