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NCH provides an assortment of maintenance, lubrication, waste water, and water treatment services to the hospital industry. 

We provide products and services for serious foul odors from kitchen floor traps and grease trap, and pest control due to large amounts of food waste. NCH will reduce plumbing costs and grease problems, as well as reducing foul odor and improving the hospital's overall image. 

NCH will also maintain the heating and cooling systems with our premium water treatment products and services, as well as supply general maintenance chemicals and high quality pipe repair products.

More hospital information:

Commercial Medical Centre Drain Case Study

Serious foul odors from kitchen’s floor and grease traps in Malaysia Medical Centre - improved with Super Chemzyme IV Plus and DrainCobra.

Commercial Hospital Drain Case Study

Dishwasher’s drain back-up causing extreme foul odor in Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital in Sydney, Australia - improved with ND-66.

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