Water Treatment

By using an effective water treatment program from NCH Chem-Aqua, you could see a significant reduction in energy, water, and maintenance costs.

Expert water treatment systems

Poor or ineffective water treatment can be disruptive to both businesses and the environment. Faulty equipment caused by inadequate maintenance can lead to costly repairs and downtime. Industries and facilities are also at risk of incurring fines if there is no proper measures in place to minimize environmental damage from wastewater.

NCH delivers tailored, environmentally friendly water and wastewater treatment solutions that ensure that your business is compliant with all relevant regulations, eliminating that risk. They also facilitate the safe and dependable operation of your important water systems.

Common problems caused by ineffective water treatment

Without an effective water treatment program, ccooling towers, water tanks and boilers are likely to run the risk of:

  • Contamination
  • System wear and inefficiency
  • Poor heat transfers

Our range of solutions are designed to protect your equipment and your business from the effects of these issues, saving you time and money.

Types of industrial and household water treatment:

  • Chemical processes - the chemical wastewater treatment process removes scale and deposits
  • Biological treatment - biological water treatment relies on bacteria or other small organisms to break down organic matter
  • Disinfection methods - to prevent and kill bacteria
  • Filtration methods - for odor control and improved taste

The comprehensive program of products, equipment and services offered by NCH deliver professional results - every time. The individual mechanical, operational and chemical requirements of each system are taken into consideration, ensuring you receive a tailored solution for your business.

Our years of industry expertise mean that NCH Chem-Aqua can help you improve system reliability, accuracy and safety. Each of our innovative products are manufactured to stringent ISO 9001 specifications.

Speak to NCH about creating a custom water treatment program for your business today.