Why Your Business Needs Our HVAC Cleaning Services

NCH Chem-Aqua understands the importance and impact of HVAC Cleaning Services when it comes to saving cost, energy, and operations for your business.

One common problem that businesses come across is pollutants and dust attaching to your support structures and HVAC coil surfaces, and most likely the drain pan. This happens during routine operations and is predicted to cause problems for your business if left untreated.

The contaminants have a habit of interfering with the air conditioning system’s proper functioning of the air. The dust and pollutants can also contribute to the growth of unwanted microorganisms that typically cause:

  • Deposits that use up energy
  • Corrosion
  • Foul odors

These troublesome contaminants are also known for creating an environment to support the growth of harmful bacteria, which commonly contribute to sick building syndrome (SBS).

How Can Our HVAC Cleaning Services Help You

Keeping coils clean allows for increased airflow and heat transfer efficiency. Regularly cleaning your coils and maintaining this level of cleanliness can help improve the temperature and general humidity control. This coil maintenance can also help your airflow systems to operate while using less energy.

Making an effort to keep your coils clean also reduces the potential for foul odors and helps to maintain and improve indoor air quality.

Benefits of HVAC Cleaning Services

Routine coil cleaning removes contaminants and helps to:

  • Minimize energy and repair costs
  • Extend HVAC system life
  • Enhance HVAC system operation

Our NCH Asia Pacific team understands how important it is to eliminate the risk of unwanted energy, maintenance and repair costs, making our NCH Chem-Aqua offering the best choice for your business. We can help to improve your system safety and reliability, while our advanced technology, innovative products, and solutions keep us ahead of the rest.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our HVAC Cleaning Services and other solutions. Our team of NCH experts are always happy to help.
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