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NCH Chem-Aqua is here to support you and to make your boiler operate efficiently with the best water treatment solutions. For any boiler system, consistent water treatment is a critical part of the preventative maintenance program.



Even a minor reduction in boiler efficiency can cause an increase in operating costs. Boiler efficiency can be affected by scale deposits, excess blow down, or condensate loss. NCH Chem-Aqua can help you to save the cost of production losses or an unexpected system shutdown caused by boiler issues.

NCH Chem-Aqua’s boiler water treatment solutions will protect your boiler system from the harmful effects of corrosion, scale, and carryover. Our solutions ensure safe, reliable, and cost-effective steam production. We can provide effective treatment for all types of boiler system designs and applications, including:

  • Fossil fuel and waste-fired boilers
  • Electric boilers
  • Steam generators
  • Online and offline cleaning programs

What Is Boiler Deposit Index and Why Is It Important?

Boiler Deposit Index (BDI) Program is a unique approach to determine boiler water tendency to create deposition. Total Dissolved Solids, Hardness, Alkalinity, Metals, and Oxygen are some of the components of water that can predict if water will be Deposit Forming.

The BDI examines these constituents of boiler feed water along with cycles of concentration to develop a number that represents the likelihood of the boiler having deposition.


A high Deposit Index indicates a high possibility for a problem deposit unless improvements are made and a specific chemical program is designed to handle this type of water. It’s important to remember that deposition can cause compromised boiler performance or even boiler failure.

Here are some benefits explaining why the BDI Boiler Program could be the right choice for your boiler.

  • Examines the characteristic of feedwater and calculates the tendency for deposition to occur.
  • Eliminates potential poisoning of polymers, even with high feed water quality variation.
  • Provides a complete antiscalant water treatment approach for a cleaner boiler.
  • Can be used to evaluate existing water treatment programs and measure the effectiveness of scaling control.
  • Improves boiler efficiency performance due to absence of scale.
  • Improves and optimizes chemical dosage.
Get in touch with our team today, and let us transform your business with Chem-Aqua’s reliable, cost-saving and efficient boiler water treatment solutions. Our team will always be happy to help.

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