Case Study | Maintenance | Spill-Be-Gone: Efficient Cleaning Up Of Granite Tile Oil Spill at 11 Mandalay Road, Singapore


At 11 Mandalay Road, Singapore, the pristine granite floor tile area faced an unexpected adversary: lorry crane telescopic boom hydraulic oil. The spill left unsightly marks and dark patches on the once-flawless surface.


Faced with this challenge, a swift and effective solution was imperative. The team initiated a rigorous degreasing and cleaning process specifically tailored for granite surfaces. Utilizing ND-165, a powerful cleaning agent, they attacked and dispersed the grease, oil, and stubborn grime that marred the granite tiles. ND-165, known for its versatility, safety, and economical use, was the ideal choice. It does not leave behind an oily residue and is safe to use in areas with sources of ignition. Diluting up to 1:15 with water, it provided a highly cost-effective solution for powerful and effective cleaning on various surfaces, including metal, vinyl, plastic, rubber, concrete, and stone.


The results were nothing short of remarkable. Through meticulous efforts and the application of ND-165, the team successfully eradicated all traces of the hydraulic oil spill. What was once marred by dark patches and unsightly spots now gleamed anew. The granite floor tiles were restored to their former glory, with no remnants of the hydraulic oil spill remaining. Dark patches turned lighter, and the once-spotted marks were entirely eliminated, leaving behind a pristine and flawless surface. The use of ND-165 not only simplified the cleaning process but also ensured a safe and efficient restoration, demonstrating its effectiveness in tackling even the most stubborn stains.

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