Torrent ADS 800

Automatically clean large, heavy parts within minutes with the ADS 800 – your automatic degreasing system with a large basket diameter of 800mm and a high payload capacity of 250kgs.

NCH Torrent ADS800
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What is ADS 800?

When it comes to parts cleaning, you need a parts cleaner that can be used across many applications and remove tough soils. ADS 800 cleans high volume, heavy and repetitive batches and is available for use in your industry.

ADS 800 is an automatic water based degreasing parts cleaner; simply load the part, close the lid and press start. Within minutes your part will be clean, ready for use; cutting downtime and increasing productivity.

Torrent ADS800

Where does oil, grease, dirt and grime build-up in your operation?

Our ADS 800 parts cleaner removes carbon, oil, cutting fluids, grease, scale, glue and dirt and grime build-up across your applications and processes, including:

Integrated surface treatment, cleaning & degreasing services

Our team has more than 35 years of expertise in parts cleaning in Europe and worldwide. We have a full range of degreasing and surface treatment equipment and services available, including:

We’ve got your parts cleaning needs covered

With NCH Asia Pacific’s Parts Cleaning, you get the full service package. From set up of the machine to regular visits from our dedicated service team, we will take care of everything. Our full service package includes:

Your solution for large volumes,
heavy parts and repetitive batches

With top, bottom and side spray rails and a rotating basket; ADS 800 improves cleaning and coverage of spray and cleans parts from all angles. It’s programmable pre-heat facility also allows parts cleaning to start immediately at the start of a shift.

Your Industry, Our Solution

At NCH Parts Cleaning we provide Parts Cleaners to all types of Industries and all business sizes.


Engines & propeller engines Landing gear & wheels Actuators Brakes

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Engines & propeller engines Landing gear & wheels Actuators Brakes

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Engines & propeller engines Landing gear & wheels Actuators Brakes

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Engines & propeller engines Landing gear & wheels Actuators Brakes

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Engines & propeller engines Landing gear & wheels Actuators Brakes

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Let us answer your ADS 800 parts cleaner questions. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, get in touch and we’ll answer all your queries 

3 phase electricity supply – 415V, 32A, 5 pin Neutral & Earth.


200Kg Payload

800mm Basket diameter

600mm Working Height

Pre-Heat Facility

CE Approved Equipment

Multiple substrates can be cleaned

Multiple NCH Chemistries suited to different substrates

140 Litres maximum fill level

We recommend and pre-set the machine to operate at 60 degrees C

Machine can wash for cycles of between 1 and 60 minutes

Three Options;

Our patented Chemistry Storm1 at 4 Litres per fill

ADS Power Clean at 4 Kg Tub per fill

Aviation approved Super Bee at 5 Litres per fill

  1. Ensure the machine and chemistry is up to operating temperature
  2. Load the parts into the machine, spread them evenly around the basket to spread the weight distribution
  3. Close the lid
  4. Press the start button
  5. Machine will automatically stop at end of the wash cycle or when you hit the stop button

A little foaming is perfectly normal, but some contaminants can cause excess foaming. To prevent this add 25ml of NCH Cease Foam NS, available from your NCH representative

The machine has the facility to be pre-programmed, to allow the chemistry to pre-heat up to temperature before a working shift pattern starts. For example if parts cleaning starts at 8 am, the machine can be pre-programmed to switch on and begin to heat up at 6:30 am, etc.

Ensure you have power to the machine (is there a display on the digital control panel screen) and that the machine is up to temperature (the ‘Ready to Start’ button is illuminated)

Is there sufficient liquid in the sump, minimum fill level to operate is 90 Litres (if the low level light is illuminated then add more liquid to the sump to reach at least the minimum level).

Refer to the user manual to troubleshoot the machine. If machine still does not start then contact NCH.


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