A well-designed drainage system is a safe and effective method to channel wastewater to a wastewater treatment facility or other destination. But, what happens when the drain pipes get blocked?
The blockage doesn’t allow wastewater to flow freely through the pipes. As a result, the pipes trap solid grease, soap scup, and other waste which settle stubbornly over time and further reduce the wastewater flow. It becomes a vicious cycle of wastewater stagnancy. That’s not all. Clogged drain lines lead to other problems such as:

  • Foul odor
  • Insect infestation
  • Back-ups
  • Unsafe and unhygienic working conditions
  • Food contamination and safety issues

Apart from the fact that drain blockages can escalate your repair and maintenance costs, you may also have to pay regulatory and environmental penalties for non-compliance with effluent disposal standards.

Removal and Prevention of Clogged Drain Lines

Regular drain cleaning using our industrial drain solutions is the best preventive measure to reduce the risk of drain blockages. However, drain clogs can still happen and you will need to undertake reactive maintenance.

It is recommended to implement a drain integrity program which includes our state of the art industrial drain cleaner to keep your business running smoothly with minimal incidents of drain clogging. Under this program, a team of professionals assess the internal condition of your drain pipes and entire sewage system. Based on the assessment, they undertake remedial and preventive action.

NCH Asia Pacific’s Drain Integrity Program

Our Drain Integrity Program is designed with three objectives:

  • Ensure continuous flow of wastewater from the source to its destination.
  • Prevent wastewater leakages and potential damage to ceilings or anything underneath the drain pipes.
  • Inspect and remove drain blockages

Before recommending the most appropriate industrial drain cleaner, we find out the causes of drain blockages which usually are dust and debris, napkins in the toilet, uric acid salts in urinals, hair in shower drains, and Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) in the kitchen or food service drains. At times, broken pipes or incorrect pipe installation are also the reasons for drain blockages.

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Drain Integrity Program

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