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Grease and oil buildup is a challenge in various industries, affecting machinery such as bearings, engines, forklifts, cogs, gears, food production equipment, electronic equipment, floors, transport equipment, heat exchangers, lifting gear, and external storage tanks. Without degreasing solutions, buildup can cause breakdowns, reduce efficiency and productivity, and increase repair costs. Over time, grease accumulates dirt, grime, and contaminants, making it difficult to remove. Regular degreasing is recommended to prevent these issues.

Advantages of Degreasing Solutions

Degreasing is the foundation of all good maintenance programs. It brings the following benefits:

  • Minimizes wear and tear
  • Reduces friction between the surfaces of moving parts
  • Protects machinery against rust and corrosion
  • Keeps operational temperatures in balance
  • Lowers the possibility of heat-related component damage
  • Decreases downtime and associated costs
  • Improves the life span of machinery
Degreaser application
Before and after degreaser program application

Choosing the Right Degreaser Program

Degreaser programs aim to remove grease without excessive wiping or scrubbing, avoiding machinery damage. However, some cleaners contain chemicals or solvents that pose safety and environmental risks. Industry-specific requirements must also be considered; food industry degreasers must be food-safe. Therefore, selecting the appropriate degreaser is crucial for effective results.

NCH Asia Pacific’s Degreaser Program

Our cost-effective and customized degreaser program is designed to protect assets, reduce downtime, and promote safety in every industry. We take into account four important parameters when making recommendations to address degreasing challenges:

  1. Surfaces to be degreased: metal, glass, concrete, or painted surface
  2. Contaminants to be removed: mineral oil, dirt and grime, carbonized, vegetable oil, ink or blood, or tar and asphalt
  3. Type of machinery: food-based, fin coils, or other machinery
  4. Impact on your labor, cost, and workplace safety

Our comprehensive degreasing program provides the appropriate degreasing products, dilution equipment, and application equipment. By utilizing water-based degreasing technologies, we reduce the reliance on solvent-based degreaser cleaners.

Degreasing a forklift truck

Case Study
Degreaser Program

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