What Are Biofilms?

Biofilms are colonies of surface attached microorganisms growing inside a bacterial secretion. Once established, biofilms are very difficult to remove and control.

The top 3 problems caused by Biofilm are:

  • Corrosion damage
  • Harmful pathogens
  • Increased energy costs

Microbiological Monitoring Challenge

In need of a reliable way to monitor if Biofilm control measures are working?

Current monitoring methods do not correlate with biofilm.

  • Manual
  • Time-consuming (dip slides)
  • Expensive (ATP)
  • Customers want automatic equipment
  • Monitor microbial control
  • Early warning of potential problems

Commercially available biomonitors are not sensitive, reliable, or practical.

bioDART and bioeXile

NCH Microbiological Control Program maximizes efficiency of heat exchange by providing total solutions for Biofilm. This program is made up of a combination of the following:

  • Biofilm Monitor bioDART
  • Biofilm remover bioeXile
  • Chem-Aqua Biocide

What Does BioDART Measure?

BFI provides a system specific indicator of potential to form biofilm that reflects

  • Microbiological activity
  • Biocide program
  • Nutrient load
  • System cleanliness
  • Design and Operating condition
  • Temperature
  • Early warning monitor for biofilm growth
  • Low readings support overall microbial control
  • High readings and/or sudden changes warrant a closer look

How Does bioDART Work?

Our bioDART Biofilm Monitor provides a sensitive indicator that reflects the impact of bacteria counts, biocide additions, system cleanliness, operating conditions, and nutrient load on biofilm formation. It automatically tracks BFI readings to help gauge microbial control and provide an early warning of problems.

bioDART Biofilm Monitor has many brilliant features:

  • Valuable data to optimize your water treatment program
  • User configurable set points, alerts, and biocide feeds
  • Automatically logs key events and alarms
  • Stand-alone monitor or connect to a web-enabled controller
  • Validated by the Montana State Center for Biofilm Engineering

For Biofilm Monitoring Technology,

Get in touch with our team today, and let us transform your businesses with our industry-leading bioDART Biofilm Monitoring Technology.

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