In Your Cooling Tower,

In your cooling tower, there are nutrients and microbes that are continuously scrubbed from the air. This provides an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Through your piping and equipment, a biofilm forms. As water circulates through your cooling systems, bacteria can multiply to high levels, even with routine biocide additions. As they grow, bacteria attach to system surfaces producing a protective, jelly-like coating to form a biofilm. This is a response to stress such as biocide additions.

Biofilms Serious Problems You’ll Want to Avoid

Increased Energy Costs
Biofilms are very insulating and reduce heat transfer efficiency by four times more than calcium scale deposits.

Harmful Pathogens
Harmful pathogens can grow in biofilms, including the bacteria associated with Legionnaires’ disease.

Corrosion Damage
Corrosive bacteria can grow to high levels under biofilms.

Biofilms Are Extremely Hard to Control

The molecules that form the biofilm are bound together with a locking mechanism termed the calcium bridge. High doses of biocides will not break the calcium bridge. The bacteria then multiply, protected by the biofilm.

Biofilm Cleaning Breakthrough

bioeXile Biofilm Treatment is a new, patented biofilm cleaning process that unlocks the calcium bridge to allow the biocide to destroy the biofilm.

Extremely Effective
bioeXile Biofilm Treatment works with biocide additions to remove biofilm more effectively than using biocides alone or with biodispersants. This disrupts the persistor mechanism making it more difficult for biofilm to re-form.

Fast Dissolving
As the packaging dissolves, bioeXile components react by releasing the key to unlock the calcium bridge.

Easy to Use
bioeXile Biofilm Treatment comes prepackaged in one-pound water soluble bags that can be added directly to the cooling tower basin.

Saves You Money
The bioeXile process helps keep the waterside surfaces clean by removing stubborn biofilms not controlled by routine biocide additions.

Additional Features

  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Reduces corrosion
  • Helps your biocide program control waterborne pathogens

When to Use bioeXile-Biofilm Cleaning Treatment

  • Periodically, to enhance biocide additions
  • Spring, to ensure efficient operation after layup
  • Before a tower is taken out of service for cleaning
  • Whenever there is a detectable biofilm problem

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