Why You Need Our Auto Lubrication Systems

Here at NCH, we prioritize your needs. That’s why our Lubrication products are designed to save you money, energy and improve efficiency as many issues can arise when equipment isn’t well maintained with effective and appropriate lubricants.

By using a combination of high performance greases, along with reliable automatic lubrication systems, you’ll be able to avoid common problems we often see, such as:

  • Shutting down equipment or machinery to lubricate when equipment needs to keep running
  • Excessive grease wastage if grease is applied incorrectly
  • Safety concerns for staff doing the greasing
  • Human error, especially not greasing at all
  • Difficulty applying grease to hard to reach access
  • Extra manual work and wasted time for operators

How Our Auto Lubrication Systems Can Help You

Our solutions are designed to automatically lubricate your machinery, bringing value to your business and helping you to save money.

By applying our Automatic Lubricants to your machinery, you’ll benefit from these advantages:

  • Reduced equipment downtime for lubrication applications
  • Reduced labor costs and manual work, saving operators time
  • Increased worker safety
  • Environment advantage of no wastage or spillage

NCH Solutions: Classic Model 150

Our NCH Classic Model 150 gives you a total solution that can handle many problems and issues regarding grease lubrication.

This innovative piece of NCH kit features many beneficial specifications, such as:

  • Battery-powered (with long-lasting batteries)
  • No gas or springs
  • LED warning light
  • 150gm grease cup
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Dust protecting outer cover
  • Economical
  • Refillable and easy to use
  • Adjustable between 1 and 12 months

The NCH Classic Model 150 is robust, safe, and durable in heavy-duty environments. The auto lubricant applicator is suitable for indoor and outdoor machinery and is easy to set up and maintain, saving time and cost. The grease applicator can be mounted straight onto the equipment where needed or remotely up to 2 meters from the grease point.

How Does NCH Classic Model 150 Work?

Simply follow the basic instructions for set up, then set to the appropriate amount of grease dispensed for your equipment. Once the automatic lubricator has pushed all the grease through the red light will flash to indicate the unit is empty and needs to be refilled.

Find out more about NCH Classic Model 150.

NCH Lubrication Value Recognition Report (VRR)

Our automatic lubrication solutions help companies to achieve more value, and this contributes to our company goal to help businesses to become more sustainable, saving them time and money, while boosting efficiency.

Our Value Recognition Reports or VRR’s are an included service we provide at NCH. These reports are put together by our team at no cost or time to your business. They help highlight savings in labor costs, parts replacement and downtime for your company through the use of NCH products.

Find out more about our Lubrication Value Recognition Report here.

When you ask NCH Asia Pacific for help, we apply our knowledge, hard work, and solutions to the best of our ability. Our NCH lubrication solutions are unbeatable due to our 100 years of history and unbeatable applications.

Our experience alone means that we can cater to your customized needs, whether your demands are big or small. We are also proud of our brilliant customer service: this, along with our skills and world-class results, make us the ideal provider for your business’s Auto Lubrication program needs. Get in touch with our team today, and let us enhance your business.

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