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NCH Chem-Aqua is continuously investing in research and development of water treatment solutions. We offer complete water treatment solutions designed to address the biological issues found in industrial water and drainage systems, including those listed below.

Thermal storage tank – thermal storage tanks commonly experience corrosion or bio-fouling which causes system inefficiency, contamination and eventually complete system failure when left untreated.

Open recirculating cooling tower – untreated cooling towers face the problem of scale, corrosion, bio-fouling and sludge which can have a costly impact on businesses, including poor heat transfer, system wear, clogging and restricted flow – all of which can cause downtime in production.

Closed recirculating chilled water – closed recirculating cold water systems are prone to corrosion, fouling and sludge which causes poor heat transfer, clogging and equipment wear.

Hot water recirculating boiler – hot water boilers experience issues with corrosion, fouling and sludge among many others when left untreated. Boilers are likely to experience poor heat transfer, clogging, equipment failure and comfort “cold calls” from lack of treatment.

Fuel oil storage – treating water in fuel oil storage tanks is often overlooked, however, it is very important to prevent the loss of fuel, contamination and high maintenance costs caused by sludge and water in the system.

Feed and control systems – poor water treatment programs and/or improper dosages can cause employees to be at risk from poor treatment results. As well as this, companies can face high treatment costs and lengthy downtimes.

Heat exchangers – heat exchangers used in both heating and cooling processes often suffer from the effects of scale and corrosion, causing high temperatures and unnecessary downtime.

Steam condensate lines – corrosion is a common problem in steam condensate lines where conditions cause contamination, creating the probability of steam loss and increased energy costs.

High/ low-pressure steam boiler – steam boilers are known to suffer from the effects of scale, corrosion and carryover, causing poor heat transfer, tube failure and contamination in the system.


We provide many treatment solutions, depending on the individual application or equipment type. Some of these are listed below.

  • Pre-treatment softeners/deaerators
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Process cooling water
  • BioAmp – Advanced biological drain maintenance system

More information can be found here. Alternatively, get in touch for assistance from NCH Chem-Aqua’s specialists.



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