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Effective facilities management will help a business become sustainable, whilst still focusing on its impact on the environment.


There are many services that businesses must regularly maintain such as washing/rest facilities, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and general cleanliness of the workplace. Companies that do not perform routine upkeep of these services face unexpected costs such as repair fees, expensive downtime during repairs and fines. It is important to local authorities that a company is trying to minimize the damage that their business is doing to the environment. If this isn’t happening, through issues such as polluted wastewater and high energy or water consumption, they will issue fines.

Facilities can lose money in many areas from poor efficiency such as:

  • Air conditioning units – a common problem with air conditioning units are dirty coils. When there is a build up of dirt around these coils, it acts as an insulator which minimizes heat absorption.
  • Odor control – areas with trash accumulation cause foul odors, which will be unpleasant for visitors and customers, losing new potential business.
  • Drain maintenance – high fat, oil and grease (FOG) readings in drain wastewater that exceeds permitted levels can lead to fines and surcharges.


NCH Facilities can provide a range of products and programs to reduce costs, downtime, and impact on the ecological system. These products eliminate inefficient services and keep businesses free from risk, they include:

  • HVAC maintenance solutions – our maintenance programs are designed to help reduce energy costs and increase the life of your HVAC system.
  • Blue Streak – a build-up of sludge can cause pipes to burst, which will lead to costly repairs, downtime and high water bills. Blue streak rapidly eliminates backups and foul odors, keeping critical systems working efficiently.
  • Dr. Zyme – used to rid workplaces of unpleasant odors, this product provides a pleasant fragrance whilst the enzymes digest the source of the bad smell. The product is biodegradable and water-based, making it an environmentally friendly choice for odor removal.
  • ND-165 – NCH Asia’s industrial strength food grade cleaning agent. It is water-soluble, so will not leave an oily residue when flushed through drainage systems and into the receiving environment.

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