Advanced urinal maintainer & descaler

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  • Quickly removes rust, lime, scale & build-up of uric acid salts
  • Eliminates odor-causing waste build-up : attacks the source of odors instead of just covering them up with a mask
  • Use for both emergency and preventive maintenance

urinal maintenance, urinal descaler, drain maintenance, STP treament


Enzymatic Odor Controller and eliminator Immediately

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  •  IMMEDIATE ACTION ON CONTACT WITH ORGANIC WASTES - Bacteria/enzyme action metabolizes organic matter that causes odor, converting it to CO2 and H2O, while a cherry vanilla fragrance suppresses existing odors.
  • FORMULATED TO PENETRATE EMBEDDED ODOR CAUSING WASTE - Penetrates deep into porous surface to remove odors from hard-to-reach places
  • NON STAINING AND LEAVES NO RESIDUE - Safe to use on fabrics and surfaces not harmed by water.
  • ECONOMICAL - Dr. Zyme eliminates the need for cosmetic deodorizers that only work on covering up odors.
  • Suitable for use as a biological cleaner and deodorizer in non-processing areas of U.S. Federally inspected meat and poultry plants.




Advanced drain and sewer treatment

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  • Cleans & maintains industrial drains & sewer lines
  • Clears accumulation of organic matter
  • Liquedies grease, fats, oils and organic waste
  • Eliminates the source of foul odors

industrial drain treatment, industrial sewer treatment, nd-66


Advanced Powder-Form Drain Opener

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  • RESCUE DRAIN dissolves grease, hair, food and other organic drain blockages in minutes.
  • RESCUE DRAIN restores and maintains free-flowing drains and drain lines and eliminates foul odours.
  • RESCUE DRAIN minimises costly and filthy mechanical drain line cleaning.
  • RESCUE DRAIN is safe to use and won’t harm plastic pipes and fixtures when used as directed – including steel, chrome, iron and tile surfaces.
  • RESCUE DRAIN prevents back-ups when used in a regular maintenance programme.
  • Blockages are converted into soapy liquid solutions within 10-minutes.