Torrent 700


With optimized engineering, the Torrent provides the right combination of pressure, temperature, and chemistry to increase cleaning productivity whilst reducing costs and environmental impact.

High Performance and Power

Easy cleaning of stubborn grease and grime, and contaminants embedded in the heavy-duty parts.

Clean parts in just 1 minute in our fully enclosed, large, user friendly parts cleaning machine with the Torrent 700.

5 Reasons WHY you need a Torrent Parts Washer

Powerful Performance

Takes ONLY 60 seconds to clean off stubborn grease and grime

Environment Friendly

Minimize solvent production and waste water with the Torrent water based solution. Increase ISO goal 14001.


The Torrent eliminates fire hazards in the workplace by using a water based solution. Employees no longer have exposure to harmful chemicals, increase ISO goal

Increase Productivity

The Torrent is super quick and easy to use with no mess and no fuss. Gives employees time for more important jobs.

IT Really Works

Revolutionary water based parts cleaning that has proven performance and cleaning results. More than 8900 satisfied customers world wide.

Before & After

See the difference in cleaning with before and after images

Featured Application

Your best technician would need 1 minute to clean this heavily soiled part effectively


Time it takes is too long to clean the residual and metal chips from the hydraulic components.


Use Torrent 700 water base chemical + pressure + heat to clean these parts quickly and easily. Saving on time.

Full Range of Parts Cleaning Solutions

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