Did You Know? Issue 03 An Emergency Maintenance kit can save your business?


A study published by the Geneva Association reveals that the average annual economic losses from Asian flood disasters could rise to USD 500 billion or more by 2050.

The numbers show that while Asia is experiencing monumental growth, its exposure to flood risk is also poised to increase significantly over the coming decades being a region that sees rain throughout the year. [1]

Water is a sneaky enemy. It spreads rapidly and can damage moisture-sensitive equipment and areas if not taken care of immediately.

When leaks and floods occur, the clock ticks for business owners and maintenance personnel. In a few minutes, water can seep into wooden or carpeted floors. A few hours of submersion can cause parts of furniture to swell, stain floors, and bring about unpleasant odor. Molds can grow within days with increased humidity levels and pose risks to health. Water that has entered an electrical equipment can damage the circuit board or corrode metal components. [2] In such cases, a tiny damp spot can mean catastrophe for one’s business.

The damage inflicted by water intrusion can put a dent on a company’s finances as repair services often don’t come cheap. In unfortunate cases, it can render an equipment completely useless and halt operations.

In the face of complications, it is only reasonable to take preventive measures against water damage. A good place to start is by building your own emergency maintenance kit. If humans have their go bags, then so should your equipment.

Your maintenance kit must contain the right solutions for every water-related problem, expected or unexpected. When disasters strike, having one on hand will save you resources and spare you from worries.

Begin by purchasing a product you can use immediately and constantly. Does your business mainly operate through electronics? Opt for a water-repellent coating solution for your equipment. Are you a logistics company? Purchase a sealant for the nooks and crannies within the facility. When you have the essentials, you can begin adding specialty products for more complex situations later on.

Once you’ve put together your emergency maintenance kit, store it in a cool, dry place that’s out of direct sunlight. Remember that there are perishable chemical solutions in the kit. Outside elements such as heat can easily alter its formula and make it ineffective.

It is also a must to check on these items from time to time. Make an inventory list to manage the kit efficiently. When the time comes that you may need to use them, this guarantees everything will still be in working condition. [3]

Water damage can be avoided with preparation. Having your own emergency maintenance kit will prove beneficial for your business.


From our humble beginnings in 1919, we have now become an authority in commercial and industrial maintenance. Companies all over the world trust in our products and services to keep their water clean, help drive their energy costs down, and maintain equipment essential to their business in top condition.

We take pride in our expansive portfolio that consists of comprehensive solutions for many industrial and commercial-related problems.

For water damage wherein prevention is key, NCH Maintenance provides fool-proof products and services from water-resistant and anticorrosive coating, sealants, absorbents, to cleaning solutions.

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