Did You Know? Issue 14 Moisture-Proofing is a Must!


Rainfall is highly unpredictable. And when your infrastructures are unprotected and not well-maintained, rainwater can seep into your buildings and facilities. This creates an. environment suited for moisture buildup and accumulation, which could adversely affect your businesses in numerous ways.

1) Visible Moisture Damage in Buildings

Without proper moisture control, materials and components in your buildings can suffer from extreme physical damage that cannot be repaired with a simple paint job. Such moisture damage manifests in long-term discoloration and disintegration caused by the presence of leaks, condensation, corrosion, and paint blisters. Prolonged dampness in affected areas could also contribute to widespread mold and bacteria growth, pest inhabitation, thermal insulation reduction, and other moisture problems that are not immediately noticeable.

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2) Significant Health Implications

Exposure to damp indoor spaces and moldy environments poses a significant risk to the health, well-being, and overall comfort of your constituents. Poor workplace conditions due to moisture damage could trigger a wide range of respiratory illnesses, including but not limited to asthma, coughing, wheezing, dyspnea, along with nasal and throat infections.

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Despite them being difficult to deal with, moisture problems are still very much preventable. NCH offers ideal, top-notch solutions to combat moisture penetration and intrusion in your infrastructures.

NCH sealants, coatings, and adhesives can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as concrete, brick, mortar, cement, stone and tiling, and are designed to protect your spaces from water leaks and moisture buildup. Our specialty maintenance lubricants, repair compounds, and self-fusing tape also provide excellent resistance to moisture, as well as heavy loads and pressure brought about by extreme weather conditions.

Don’t wait until your facilities are already suffering from the detrimental effects of moisture damage. Moisture-proof your buildings by reaching out to an NCH representative today!

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