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NCH Cares

NCH Asia在此,自豪分享對於NCH Cares 之貢獻。NCH Cares 是NCH公司史上,規模數一數二的全球企業社會責任(corporate social responsibility,簡稱CSR)計劃。NCH公司,是產品與設備維護解決方案的製造商,成立於1919年,在美國德州達拉斯。今年初, NCH集合了全球55家子公司,針對100家非營利機構,貢獻、積極啟動了兩項CSR計劃。目標是在2019年底前,完成歷史的100項社區服務計劃。

而單單就亞洲,下方所列的國家、團隊,就參與了各類社區服務,以實現NCH Cares 計劃。

csr taiwan2

NCH Taiwan cooperated with Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation to clean three elders' houses before Chinese New Year. 


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csr korea2

NCH Korea announced that the company held 'Briquettes sharing voluntary event' to help the less fortunate to keep themselves warm during the winter.


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csr korea

NCH Korea 세계적인 산업 설비 유지 보수 제품 제조 기업인 NCH코리아(NCH Korea, 지사장 오준규, 엔씨에이취코리아)는 사랑의연탄나눔운동과 함께 10월 30일(금) 부산 연제구 일대에서 따뜻한 겨울나기를 돕기 위한 ‘사랑의 연탄나눔 운동’ 봉사활동을 진행했다고 2일 밝혔다.


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csr india

NCH India in celebration of 100th anniversary of NCH's global establishment, volunteered at Anna Anandha Illam (shelter home for children) in association with Kathir Social Ventures and carried out a social responsibility activity.

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csr malaysia

NCH Malaysia provided full support by donating our hospital-grade disinfectant - Everbrite Plus, and hand soap.

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csr japan

NCH Japan NCHは、イムス東京葛飾病院に弊社製品エバーブライトEC(工業用除菌洗浄剤)を寄付させていただきました。

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csr india2

NCH India distributed cleaning chemical products to local healthcare workers and volunteers to help support them in the battle against COVID-19.

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csr asiapacific

NCH Asia Pacific announced the ongoing efforts of its NCH Cares community service against Covid-19 in key countries namely, China, the Philippines, India and Malaysia.

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csr vietnam

NCH Vietnam performed cleaning and disinfecting for office building and two schools, and donated 500 listers of Everbrite Plus and helped to spray disinfectant on hallways, stairs, elevators and in classrooms as well as on the walls.

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csr thailand

NCH Thailand proudly announced that it has completed its first quarter community service by personnel attendance and product donation at the Ban Dek Ram-Indra (Home for the Blind with Multiple Disabilities), a Christian Foundation for the Blind in Thailand.


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csr img

NCH Singapore decided to give love and care to the senior citizens, celebrating its Christmas with senior citizens at Thye Hwa Kwan Centre.

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csr malaysia2

NCH Malaysia celebrated Christmas with two Sheltered Children Homes, Rumah Hope and Rumah Juara by contributing 100 Santa bags to the children.

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csr asiapacific2

NCH Asia Pacific spent a day packing 100 bags of food and comfort items for the children of Concordia Children’s Services.

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korea 2

NCH Korea practices Love Sharing Campaign, by visiting 'New Life House of the Disabled’, located in Eumsung-gun, Choongbuk Province


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nchcares taiwan

NCH Taiwan giving back to the society at the SKIKUN Elementary  School by presenting lunch boxes, lunch bags and Chinese dictionaries


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nchcares malaysia

NCH Malaysia pledged to commit with more Corporate Social Responsibility activities. The team decided to do a part in protecting the environment cleanliness.

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nchcares vietnam

NCH Vietnam recently organized a visit to the orphans & the disabled in Vung Tau City.

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NCH Australia committed to helping their farmers affected by drought by sponsoring 10% of their total sales for one month to Buy-A-Bale Foundation.

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NCH Korea had their annual Kimchi Making for Charity event by volunteering and sponsoring 3.8M KRW for “Together Hansup”

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NCH Japan participated in the “Miyagi Olle trail” hiking course and walked for about 10 kilometers along the coastline and paths through forests while picking up some trash and waste.

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csr ops

NCH Asia Pacific Operations Team donated 40 fruit boxes for the needy children of Kan Thong School

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NCH India volunteered at HOPE, a home for mentally challenged children in Chennai that aims to support and remove the social stigma of the mentally challenged.

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NCH Philippines prepared 100 seedlings at Haribon Foundation’s Buhay Punlaan for reforestation

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th csr

NCH Thailand organized a Mangrove Reforestation activity at Bangpu Recreation Center, Samutprakan


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strategic csr

NCH Asia Pacific Regional Management Team participated in Happy Dolls Project in celebration of NCH 100th anniversary


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