CSR企業社會責任 | NCH 台灣淨山活動

NCH Taiwan | Happy Gathering, Happy “Ploggoing” 🌳🧤♻️✅ Taiwan team had a great time hiking and environmental cleaning!! After raining for days, the sun surprisingly came out on the day we held the event 😃
We had such a lovely time enjoying mountain cleanup activity and each other’s company.
It is a meaningful event for NCH Taiwan to take part in helping the community and protecting the environment. 🌱


Case Study | Facilities | Cutting Costs by 75%: Revamping Restroom Maintenance in a Historic Commercial Building

A prominent commercial building, frequented daily by 10,000 visitors, has achieved a remarkable 75% reduction in restroom maintenance costs despite its 50-year-old infrastructure challenges. The men’s restrooms, heavily utilized by both employees and visitors, faced recurring plumbing issues such as frequent clogs and leaks due to aging drain pipes. Complaints about persistent foul odors were escalating, posing a significant maintenance challenge.

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Case Study | Maintenance | Electrical Tools Manufacturing Company Improves Parts Cleaning Efficiency by 3 Times

Our customer is the R&D and production center for electrical tools that include hammer drills, impact drills, curve saw, electric pick, etc. The company’s former solvent parts washer for cleaning electric tool equipment was performing inadequately. The degreasing inside the parts was unsatisfactory. Moreover, the volatile solvents in a closed indoor working environment presented a workplace hazard for the operators. 

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