Sealants & Coatings

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If your workplace is suffering from moisture penetration, you have a leaking roof or your floors need re-coating; protect your premises with the right sealants and coatings from NCH Maintenance.

Weather elements on highly used work areas can take a toll on your buildings and equipment. Our surface water sealants are perfect for concrete, brick, mortar, cement, stone and tiling. They effectively seal surfaces from water penetration while still allowing them to breath.

Our range of surface water sealants prolongs the life of interior paint and masonry for up to ten years. We offer solutions that are designed to stop active water leaks with non-stick fluoro technology.

NCH Maintenance can repair concrete, using our shatterproof solution that has the same bulk density as concrete and can handle traffic loads within eight hours. If you are suffering from a leaky roof, we can stop leaks instantly (even in heavy rain). Whatever your needs are, we have the solution.