HVAC Cleaning Services

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HVAC Cleaning

Benefits of HVAC Cleaning

There are many reasons why you should keep your HVAC units cleaned and have them regularly inspected. The short answer is simple: because they get dirty over time and they have the potential to contain large amounts of dust and particulates.

NCH offers a cleaning program that ensures that HVAC systems run at peak efficiency, reducing monthly bills and extending equipment life. Clean HVAC systems reduce CO2 emissions, which minimizes government taxes and other fees. Our trained maintenance team provides regular cleaning that saves labor time and costs associate with cleaning your HVAC equipment in-house. 

Superior solutions help keep a company's facilities and equipment running in optimum condition at reduced costs. Our associates solve customers' maintenance problems through a wide range of products and services, from advanced drain and HVAC maintenance to specialty lubrication, industrial cleaning, and oil field chemicals.

The following cleaning procedures are followed by NCH technicians to ensure optimal ROI:

1. Pre-Washing - removes dirt and dust

2. Chemical Cleaning - abstracts insulating layers of oxides and dirt

3. Rinsing - clears chemicals and neutralize fin surface

Optional Neutralizing - neutralizes alkaline wastewater by acid

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