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Bathroom cleanliness is vital when it comes to making a good impression. It is important you have the right solutions to deliver the desired end result.

NCH Maintenance offers experienced solutions for bathroom care, which reduce cleaning costs and cut work time in half. We remove stubborn stains and soap scum with our all-purpose cleaners that can be used on toilets, urinals, shower stalls, sinks, bathtubs, saunas and tiles.

Our cleaners will quickly remove stains and destroy any unpleasant odors. Our concentrated germicidal bowl cleaner removes organic materials and scale that cause odors in toilet bowls and urinals. It penetrates and lifts scum and stains off surfaces for easy removal. The bathroom cleaner is free of acid, so spills will not harm most surfaces.

The range of drain openers and drain maintainers will ensure your pipes stay clear of blockages avoiding backups and unpleasant odors. With NCH Maintenance, your stains, soap scum, grease build-up and uric acid salts are dealt with quickly and efficiently.