Smell triggers 75% of our emotions and can set apart your brand identity. Good scents create positive experiences for visitors, build emotional connections with your facility, and differentiate your brand. Bad smells from drains, restrooms, kitchens, trash areas, and other zones can linger in the air despite regular cleaning, giving visitors the wrong impression about your hygiene standards. Odor control is becoming integral to ambience management in various industries, such as hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, casinos, commercial buildings, and property management companies.

Benefits of Odor Control

  • Build brand recognition for your facility
  • Improve brand perception for your facility
  • Enhance the remembrance and recall value of your brand
  • Create an instant connection between your brand and the nostalgic memories of visitors
  • Leave a long-lasting impression on visitors
  • Make visitors feel comfortable and secure
  • Improve your business (good fragrance increases buying intention, attracts repeat customers, and increases turnover)

Odor Management Solution from NCH Asia Pacific

We offer scent solutions that can infuse your facility with the perfect scent. Our ‘Mystic Air‘ and ‘Mystic Twist‘ solutions are effective and easy to use. Mystic Air uses cold air diffusion technology to diffuse essential oils into the air and fill the space with scent. It is suitable for use with HVAC units or as a free-standing unit. Our fragrance is made from natural and eco-friendly ingredients. Mystic Twist is a passive fragrance oil freshener that is spill-resistant and wrapper-free. It is ideal for various areas in your facility and lasts up to two months. You can dispose of it easily as it is made from recycled material.

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Odor Control Program

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