bio clean pack

Slime Removal Solution

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  • Improves heat transfer in heat exchanging units, condenser coils and pipes.
  • Liquid biocide specially designed for acting at high PH.
  • Surfactant and penetrant for dispersing microbiological slimes and oil-type deposits in cooling tower systems.Killing and taking biomass
  • Economical and effective low dosage than conventional descalers
  • Deep penetration and dispersion of biomass
  • Super corrosion inhibtors
  • Organic acids protects metal surface from damage Low foaming and easy and feed


Concentrated acidic cleaner and descaler

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  • Eliminates scouring, scraping and chipping
  • Immediate action; reduces cleaning time
  • Ideal for cleaning condensers and boilers
  • Low foaming Contains corrosion inhibitors
  • Concentrated; dilutes up to 1:20

Industrial Cleaner, Cleaner, Water Soluble cleaner


Cooling System Cleaner & Flush

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  • Quickly cleans and restores the cooling system to maximum efficiency
  • Lowers operating temperature
  • Loosens and flushes out encrusted debris
  • Contains no acids or caustics - Good corrosion inhibitors
  • Non-flammable
  • Economical – Dilutes upto 1:32 with water

Cooling System Cleaner & Flush


Air Conditioning Drip Pan Microbiocide

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  • One strip is effective in up to a 5 ton unitOne strip is effective in up to a 5 ton unit
  • EPA registered
  • Fast act II is a complete product for the treatment of air conditioner drip pans, computer room equipment, swamp coolers, refrigerated vending machines, display cases and cold storage walk-ins.
  • Easy to use - Streamlined elongated shape, easy to slip into drip pans without dismantling. Just drop into pan!
  • No Guess Work - Visible packaging shows how much product remains available for use. 
  • Polymeric packaging releases a constant dose of microbiocide.

Inhibits Growth of Slime Forming and Odor Causing Bacteria



Condensate Drain Pan Treatment Tablets

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  • Prevents condensation drain blockages in air conditioners and cooling units 
  • Disperses rust, corrosion, and dirt accumulations 
  • Protects for up to three months - Slow dissolving 
  • Goes to work immediately upon contact with condensate water- Fast acting 
  • Easy-to-use tablets, just place it in pan  
  • Effective in any type air conditioning unit, including window, wall and overhead – Versatile 
  • Contains no free chlorine 
  • Non-foaming and non-flammable

Condensate Drain Pan Treatment Tablets

scale clear sus bl

Powerful ACIDIC descaler (non-hydrochloric base) for Stainless Steel

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  • Formulated with special corrosion inhibitor and safe natural organic acid
  • Removes accumulated scale and lime deposits from heat exchanging units, condenser coils and pipes.
  • One application to strip accumulations of rust, scale mineral sediments and soap scum.
  • Dissolves the built up deposits on equipment, eliminating the need for heavy scouring, scraping and chipping.
  • Economical - Dilutes up to 5 times with water.
  • Safe to use on stainless steel and copper

Industrial Cleaner, Industrial descaler

shiny side

Non-acid aluminium cleaner and brightener for aluminium trailers and air conditioner coils

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  • Brightens and cleans aluminium surfaces and coils by removing tarnished layer
  • Clings to vertical surfaces
  • Fast acting formula that begins to work in 3-5 minutes, reducing costly downtime
  • Contains no acids

Pincoil cleaner, coil brightener

TCC 1000
TCC 1000

Liquid Mud and Slit Remover for Cooling Towers

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  • Nonionic flocculent to dislodge and flocculate mud and silt for easier removal through flushing with normal water flow and bleed off
  • To be used for cooling Towers, air washers, evaporative condensers and heat/chill systems
  • Restores full capacity and efficiency of lines, does not affect the system's chemical balance
  • Contains no phosphates

HVAC, cooling