18 July 2018

Why boiler water treatment is required


Untreated boilers are at risk of damage, or even total system failure, which can be both dangerous and costly to repair.


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Water circulation and heat transfer are the primary purposes of boiler systems and impurities in the boiler water can cause these functions to break down. Here are some of the ways that boiler treatments help to keep boilers running smoothly, they:

Prevent boiler corrosion – Oxygen in the water causes corrosion which leads to the thinning and pitting of metal, interference with heat transfer and contamination of the water. Boiler water treatments help eliminate oxygen from the water.

Remove impurities – Water quality is important for the overall functionality of the boiler and excess amounts of impurities in the water can cause system failure.

Prevent foaming – A high concentration of solids in the water creates frothing or foaming on the surface of the boiler which will evaporate with the steam.

Reduce suspended solids – Corrosion, scaling and impurities in the water cause an accumulation of solids which can pose a number of problems within the boiler.

Soften hard water – Hard water precipitates inside the boiler and causes a build-up of scale which can cause impurities in the water.

Maintain steam purity – Steam purity is critical to boiler longevity as solids in the steam can cause deposits that build-up in the superheater and turbines which causes costly damage.

Water treatment for boilers

NCH Chem-Aqua’s water boiler treatment solutions are designed to keep your boiler operating efficiently, to save you money on energy and maintenance costs.

We can provide boiler treatment for many types of industrial boilers, including:

  • Fossil fuel and waste-fired boilers
  • Electric boilers
  • Steam generators

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