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NCH covers a wide range of solutions for hotels applications, including drain and wastewater treatment, general building maintenance, water treatment, and odor control.

Our products are designed to keep drains maintained at the optimum level by keeping fats, oils, grease, food particles, and grease traps under control. Our drain and wastewater products are highly effective and proven to reduce expenses and downtime. Our maintenance products include everything from stainless steel polish to carbon steel removal, dust repellants to streak-free dishwashing liquid. 

NCH will maintain the heating and cooling systems in your hotel with our premium water treatment products and services. 

Our primary goal is to maintain your hotel's equipment - in doing so, we are saving you high energy costs and making sure your guests are happy and satisfied. 

Commercial Hotel & Hospitality Case Study

Serious foul odors from the wastewater treatment system at a large hotel chain – improved with Super Chemzyme IV Plus.

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