The COVID-19 pandemic closed many manufacturing facilities and factories across the world. Numerous kinds of machinery were shut down with very little warning, then left dormant for an extended period until it was safe to reopening plants.

Now, with factories reopening, machines are being restarted and work recommencing. However, it is vital these machines are ‘woken up’ properly, to guarantee full efficiency and safety. With more orders than ever being placed a limited supply of manpower, machinery will be under a greater strain.

At a time when it is difficult to source replacement parts and trained labor, it is more important than ever to ensure machines are fully operational.


Machinery may have become damaged during the period it is not being used. Restarting without a full check can mean the machine might run at a reduced capacity, impacting your bottom line. Worse, it may damage other machinery nearby if it fails, and perhaps even an innocent employee.

Despite the pressure your business might face with a suddenly increased demand, it is vital you carry out pre-use checks and repairs where needed.

Clean in Place

With machines having lain dormant for many weeks or months, it is vital you ensure they are in full working order before work restarts. Failure to ensure the operational safety of your machinery could lead to profit loss, inefficiency - or worse - serious injury.

Machinery needs to be cleaned and sanitized to ensure full efficiency and safety. However, it can be complicated and time-consuming to take the entire system apart from the clean. A more effective strategy is to clean in place, meaning using a solution that will be effective even if the machine is not taken apart.

NCH Asia Pacific offers a machinery maintenance program, cleaning solutions and products which can be used to effectively clean machinery in place before restarting. This minimizes the time and effort needed to fully clean systems before returning to work, saving you time and money.

Area Sanitization

With the threat of COVID-19 still prevalent, it is vital the areas around the machine are disinfected and sanitized. Priority areas need to be sanitized regularly to keep the area free from germs and bacteria. 

NCH Asia Pacific supplies a powerful disinfectant sanitizer, ideal for continued use in sanitization of machine areas.


Many types of machinery make use of an HVAC system to move hot air out of the production area. As with any type of air movement system, dormancy can lead to the build-up of microorganisms and bacteria. When air vents become active again, these organisms can become airborne and affect the health of your employees.

It is vital all HVAC systems are cleaned and sanitized after periods of dormancy. This also helps to prevent the release of any foul odors.


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