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30 October 2018

NCH Asia - Environmentally friendly water treatment solutions

Many companies adhere to green practices, ensuring that everything about their operation is eco-friendly. NCH Chem-Aqua is no different, keeping the environment at the forefront of our consideration when researching and developing treatments for water.


This means that the companies we work with benefit from our environmentally friendly water treatment systems.

Stale, temperate waters contained within boilers, cooling towers, water tanks etc. are prone to numerous problems; scaling, corrosion, bio-fouling, sludge,  Our water treatment systems are designed to safeguard and protect against these effects, some of the most common include:


  • System inefficiency
  • Contamination
  • Poor heat transfer
  • System wear
  • Clogging
  • Restricted flow
  • Production downtime
  • High maintenance costs

Environmental fines and charges

One of the biggest problems faced by industries and facilities today is that action will be taken against any company that is seen to not be doing enough to combat the level of pollution or damage to the environment. In many instances, this includes a poor maintenance program or program that does not consider the environment. Our treatments will not only help to eliminate this risk but will help to reduce maintenance costs and unnecessary downtime caused by inefficient or faulty equipment.

Why choose NCH Chem-Aqua for your water treatment solutions?

NCH has been helping companies to keep water clean for 100 years. With research and manufacturing facilities around the globe, we invest heavily in ensuring that our products and services are the best on the market. We pride ourselves on our customer service and expert solutions, giving our customers a complete resolution to their water treatment needs.

Get in touch with NCH Chem-Aqua’s industry experts today to discover how we can help you to maintain clean, safe and environmentally friendly water systems.


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